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Black-and-white photos - number 4

Still absent, but hopefully back for a post on Wednesday. In the meantime, here are the last b&w photos... at least for the moment. So, please have a look on Ipernity again!

Of course I hope that you have left or will leave some comments on the b&w issue! :-)


Black-and-white photos - number 3

Still absent! (Please refer to the post last Monday.)

Hopefully the programming will also work for the third b&w Ipernity slideshow!

I wish you a very nice weekend!


Black-and-white photos - number 2

Still absent (see post last Monday), but the post is hopefully here!

The b&w "show" continues. Here is the link to the second Ipernity slideshow!


Black-and-white photos - number 1

I will have to return to Sweden again for probably about a week or slightly more. This time I will however not completely “close” the blog during my absence. Unfortunately I will not be able to look at or comment on your blogs, but I have prepared some posts.

At the occasion of my second blogging anniversary – and slightly more than 500 posts – I thought I should take the opportunity to please some blogger friends who prefer b&w and who have tried to persuade me to try it also. I’m not really persuaded, but as a compromise I have transformed some of the past two years’ photos to b&w.

Starting as from today, and coming Wednesday, Friday ... and again Monday, you should normally, if the programming works, find these photos by linking to Ipernity; I have split up the file in four. You should be able to see some kind of slideshows. The photos are in complete disorder.

Take care during my absence! See you soon!