Patrimony Days

This weekend took place what is called « Les Journées du Patrimoine», the European Patrimony Days. In France some 15 000 sites which normally are closed to public offered “open doors”. (This includes everything from the Presidential Palace to the smallest and unexpected sites, public or private). I chose to make it the soft way this year and attended some very local events, taking place at Batignolles, part of the 17th arrondisement, where I live.

Guided by two persons I have now learnt to know quite well, Rodolphe Trouilleux, Paris historian and author of “Paris Secret et Insolite”, and Lucien Maillard, journalist and writer, I – and many others – walked around in the area, instructing ourselves about what has happened here.

Thanks to Rodolphe I learnt a lot about Paul Verlaine, one of the greatest French poets who spent his younger years at Batignolles. Rodolphe also participated in (and as author also prepared) a very good street theatre play, called “Verlaine et Mathilde” (Mathilde was Verlaine’s wife) involving professional, semi-professional actors and some amateurs. This took place late evening and my photos are not good, but you can visit Rodolphe’s blog.

Together with Lucien, actively assisted by some enthusiastic amateur actors, we learnt “everything” about the anarchist movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries – especially of course in connection with events in our area. (This took place in a wonderful small street, called “La Cité des Fleurs” on which I made posts last year.)


krystyna said...

You spent a great time in such good company.
Interesting... I didn't know about Patrimony Days.

Have a great week ahead!

hpy said...

Les journées du patrimoine devraient s'étaler sur plusieurs weekends car en deux jours on n'a pas vraiment le temps de visiter grand' chose. Mais bof, ça en laisse pour les années à venir.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Curieuse coincidence : samedi je suis allée avec ma mère et ma fille me ballader dans la rue Mouffetard et le quartier de la contrescarpe, nous avons dîné dans la maison où est mort Paul Verlaine !
J'ai fait ma touriste : j'y ai mangé des escargots et des cuisses de grenouille !

Anonymous said...

And no doubt Lucien and Rodolphe count you a valuable friend too. To dig deeper and deeper into your neighborhood must be fascinating.

PeterParis said...

It may be that the correct tiltle should rather be HERITAGE DAYS.

You are so right; good company!

Comme tu dis!

En effet!! 39 rue Descartes?

PeterParis said...

Yes, I'm fascinated!