The leaves are getting tired...

Not much time to prepare a post, but here are some autumn colours.


Contemporary art (?) - more...

Referring to my preceding post about FIAC and some temporary art installations, I got a question about what – for a couple of days - was to be found outside the Centre Pompidou. Yes, there was a rather controversial “sculpture” presented by “Atelier van Lieshout”. It was planned for the Tuileries Gardens, but the Louvre would not let it be placed there – some concern about the explicit nature of the “sculpture”… but the Centre Pompidou accepted. (It was removed last Monday.)

I had the intention to visit the Centre Pompidou – it was the last day of the David Hockney exhibition. Well, I gave up the idea. What I find very positive is the fantastic interest in art, what is negative is that even with a prepaid ticket, “accès prioritaire”, the waiting time would have been hours.  


Contemporary art

Sorry for a long break… I will try to make a little post now and then again, perhaps not quite regularly. My sciatica is obviously declining and I start to be able to do some modest walking again. 

Here is a report about the FIAC, Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, the yearly Paris International Art Fair, which this year took place last weekend.

The major place of the exhibition is the Grand Palais (see previous posts). 

The street in front is used for some artistic installations and some bars and cafés.

During the short time the FIAC lasts, there are also temporary installations to be found at other places in the city, most of them in the Tuileries Gardens (see previous posts) – where also the top picture was taken. 

But here are some other examples from the Palais Royal (see previous posts) and Place Vendôme (see previous posts).