Notre Dame ... objective 2024

The confinement period of course meant some interruption of the reconstruction work of the Notre Dame Cathedral, but it has now been resumed for a couple of weeks. The objective to have it pretty much finished in 2024 has been confirmed, as well as the basic idea to bring it all more or less back to what is was before the fire … no extravagant new ideas.

The yellow crane we can see is the highest of this kind in Europe and was obviously offered for free by the manufacturer.

The scaffolding seems to be the big issue. This involves new ones all over the place, but more specially the need to dismantle the scaffolding which was there before the fire - for the renovation of the now fallen spire. As it melted during the fire, the demolition is complicated and needs a lot of precautions… takes time.

Some parts of the cathedral are extremely well protected.

… but some parts can still be seen, more or less as they were… are.
In front of the cathedral, on a protecting wall, you can see some illustrations by kids from all over the world.