Music and poetry...

Sorry for having been a lousy blogger for a while… and probably will be so still for another while. I’m quite busy with a number of things right now. One of them has been the involvement in a chamber concert which took place last week.

It all started with an article about me in the Göteborgs-Posten, my birth town’s local newspaper. The article was read by a leading violinist in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, more or less on her way to Paris. Her name is Marja Inkinen-Engström. She read about Paris walks, my interest in music… She contacted me… and we met. I arranged a meeting with a local friend and professional pianist, Cecilia Löfstrand, and we met in the 17th century apartment of another friend, author and poet, Birgitta Lindqvist. Spontaneously, it was decided to, as soon as possible, use the place - and the piano - for a chamber concert.

A couple of weeks later, in May, two weekend concerts could take place. Marja took a few days off, came to Paris again, and was joined by her friend Per Nyström who also flew in from Sweden with his cello. So, Marja, Cecilia and Per could perform together, concentrating on French rather contemporary chamber music. We had invited some selected guests, mostly members of the local Swedish Art Association, who could during the music pause listen to some wonderful poetry by Birgitta… and drink a glass of champagne.

Sincere thanks to everybody who made these memorable moments possible – the musicians and Birgitta – not forgetting the journalist who wrote the article which started it all, Johan Tollgerdt!

Unfortunately there is no video from the concert – you have to imagine! It was a moment never to forget!    


There will be a break...

I’m back from Sweden. I have a very busy program the coming few weeks, so there will hardly be any regular posting for a while. Also, I have already reported quite a lot on my birth town Gothenburg, so from this latest trip there will only be this duck mother and her 15 (!!!) babies, met in a street. I already published a photo on Facebook a couple of days ago. I should have made a video! The mother decided to leave the street for a little garden. There was a little wall. It took a couple of minutes before the last baby managed the jump – after many tries. Only then the mother decided to continue further into the garden. Can ducks count? 

Well, another little thing... I noticed that the French language sometimes is in use in Sweden.