Flying southwards....

Still no time for a (for me) « normal » post…

Around Notre Dame yesterday: 

Despite the last roses….

… it’s obvious that the colder weather is approaching. The cathedral was overflown by some birds in a clear southward direction. …

… and the Christmas tree in front of the cathedral was under preparation.

I also noted that Saint John-Paul II has got his statue here  - since about a month. 


Still on a pause, but...

Yes, I have no time right now to make any "real" posts, but here are some autumn leaves from a walk yesterday in a misty weather around Les Invalides


Something to show while I make a (short) pause.

A bit too busy right now to make any real posts - a lot of friends around and a quite full agenda. So, I will make a little break for a week or so and in the meantime I wish to show some photos from this year, which for different reasons never fitted in to any post. So, here is a small collection, in complete disorder.

At last, a little video. I was charmed by this young singer.



Place Vendôme - again... but different

The Place Vendôme looks a bit different at the moment. Large parts of the buildings are under renovation, including the Hotel Ritz and the Column. In previous posts I have already talked about the early 18th century created Place Vendôme (e.g. here and here) so I may not have to repeat the story about the place or the Column. 

In any case, now it’s the moment to learn “everything” about the Column by going there, as it during ongoing restoration (cleaning) works is surrounded by illustrations of its history, with the different Napoleon statues, its being torn down and again erected around 1870…  

The Column should look like new again this coming spring, when also the renovated Ritz Hotel should reopen. (I also talked about the hotel already here and about its Hemingway Bar here).