I have been quite lazy when it comes to posting lately… I have had of course a real excuse for a couple of weeks. I have been very careful about following the confinement rules, have hardly left my flat (my little garden has been of great help…). Even the River seems to follow the confinement rules, totally at rest!

Yesterday evening I decided to make a little walk, within the rules - not more than 1 km, not exceeding an hour…This is what this part of Paris looks like at the moment. Hardly anybody around…

… even around the Tower and Chaillot.

I like this view of the Flame with Sacré Cœur in the far background, but looking slightly to the right… I don’t too much like to see all these boats lying idle!

Here is a graph (published by Financial Times daily). Some of the curves are going down, including the French one. If nothing special happens, we will be slightly freer again May 11, but… all of us have to behave very well - and also the virus has to behave very well - if we in a reasonable future may expect to be back to a more “normal life”… e.g. to sit down at a bar terrace with a nice glass of red wine, going to a concert, to the cinema... and hoping to see the 50 million annual Paris visitors back!  


Hels said...

I am very pleased to see Australia's relatively low coronavirus death numbers, but even so, it has been a tragedy. I still will not let anyone in the house nor will I go within 1.5 metres of anyone in the street.

However I can see overseas the splitting of communities between right wing supporters of individual freedom to do whatever they want, and left wing supporters of protecting the family at any cost. Haven't we suffered enough?

Jeanie said...

Peter, it makes me smile to visualize you sitting in your most charming garden, no doubt waking up for spring, perhaps with a glass of wine, music nearby. I've enjoyed your walk but it does take one aback to see no people in a city so known for its crowds.

Our stay home orders were just extended until May 31 but I so envy how France enforces it. Things like mask and distance are badly enforced here. You may have seen protestors with guns, no masks and very close storming our state capitol last week; it made international news. We can take walks, cycle, boat; stores have curbside pick-up but the big stores are open and while some try hard for distancing, it's not all that effective. I appreciate France and its government and regulations and wish we could take notice.

Me? Rick and I are fine and staying in unless impossible (he had a hardware store emergency last week!) He cycles, I walk. We always wear our masks and have sanitizer with us or rubber gloves. We keep distance. Most of all we are trying to hold out till there is a vaccine. If that means being not social, then that's what we'll do. I do hope they have curbside pick-up for wine!

Please stay well, Peter. I want to get back to Paris again someday and enjoy another walk with you.

Bob Alescio said...

The chart doesn't say much good about we English speakers.

MadAboutParis said...

Bon Dimanche Peter!
Your photos are excellent, thank you for taking the time to walk around a bit.
I hope that your family and friends are all doing well — and I hope that you will still be able to have your August vacation this year.
I have a friend who has been stuck in Spain since April; he's visiting his elderly parents in a tiny town in the Pyrenees! What WOULD we do without cellphones and laptops?
Looking forward to another post from you...

Mystica said...

I love to see your Parisian posts. Makes me so very nostalgic to return. Paris was magical.
I still cant see the hoopla in keeping to government rules re isolation, distancing etc. It is there for a purpose and I always think Western governments try to be so politically correct not to tread on anyone's toes by trying to please everyone.
We are still on curfew, strictly enforced by army and police, navy and airforce also pulled in when necessary and life goes on.

claude said...

Hallo Peter !
C'est triste de voir Paris comme ça ; moi ici j'habite un trou perdu alors cela ne me change pas beaucoup, mais la ville se réveille un peu.

Studio at the Farm said...

Peter, I am glad to know that you are well!


Ruby said...

These are beautiful pictures. Its like the earth is taking a breather.