The making of a movie

I was surprised when I found that one of my favourite restaurants, just round the corner from where I live, “La Bonne Heure”, suddenly had changed name to “Chez Bilou”. I soon realised that it was a temporary change.

It was first the number of trucks that could be found in the neighbour streets which gave me the explanation. The temporary change was due to the making of a movie, which I learnt will be called “On voulait tout casser” (We wanted to smash it all) which will be out in the beginning of 2015.

It’s amazing to see the number of people and the amount of equipment which are needed to shoot a few scenes. 

The director’s name is Philippe Guillard. He has rather a background as a rugby player and co-creator of the fashion brand “Eden Park”, has so far only directed one movie, “Le fils à Joe” (Joe’s son), but has co-written scenarios for a number of successful – popular comedy – films (“Camping”, “Camping 2”, “Disco”…)

I saw some of the scenes involving actors like Charles Berling, Vincent Moscato and Benoit Magimel but did not see Kad Merad, who also is part of the cast.

The neighbour street had also got a fake grocery shop, a fake open market…

As said, now everything is back to “normal” and I can again enjoy a nice meal at “La Bonne Heure”.     


Jeanie said...

Always wondered if they "remade" the restaurant or street on a movie scene -- and how many they change! We don't see a lot of French films here, but I'll be on the lookout for this one!

Glad you can get back to regular dining again!

martinealison said...

Bonjour cher Peter,
Effectivement cela a dû t'impressionner sur le moment !
Merci pour le partage de ces moments de tournage.

Ma fille Fauve âgée de 5 ans à l'époque a participé à un film, un court métrage. Le tournage se déroulait dans la maison familiale de nos amis, un magnifique moulin. Mon dieu ! Complètement changé... Il y avait un tel bouleversement que c'était ahurissant.

✺ Gros bisous ✺

claude said...

T'as mangé ou, alors !
Cela doit être très plaisant d'assister à un tournage d'une scène de film.
Ton histoire me rappelle une des caméras invisibles à la télé.
De mèche avec l'émission un patron d'une auto école envoie son employée faire une course assez loin dans Paris. Quand elle revient, elle ne retrouve plus l'auto école qui a été transformé en teinturerie. Elle hésite et finit par rentrer pose des questions, et la teinturière finit par lui dire la vérité devant son grand désarroi.

Adam said...

Hi Peter,

I see they let you take photos. I had a couple of scenes from 'Samba', the new Nakache/Toledano movie, filmed underneath my window. When I tried to take some photos though I had some security guy shine a laser in my eyes!

c'est Jeff ici said...

Thank you for the photo essay. I think that there is a movie being made somewhere in Paris everyday. When I lived just off Quai aux Fleurs about once a month the Quai would be blocked of by dozens of movie support vehicles. It's fun to watch!