Street art - again

There is a temporary exhibition of street art to be seen at present in the suburb Malakoff (just one metro stop outside Paris - Malakoff Plateau de Vannes).  It goes on until October 30. It takes place in what used to be an industrial warehouse, which soon will be demolished and replaced by a housing project. In the meantime, the owner, an art lover, has left the space available to street artists. 

The works of some 40 artists are to be seen. I’m not going to list all the names (you can check here), but you will probably recognize some – they have appeared in some of my previous street art posts. Some of the installations are really amazing, especially if you consider the ephemeral nature of this kind of art.

Part of the warehouse is left for temporary solo exhibitions of some of the artists. The day I was there, Mosko was preparing his following day’s vernissage. 

Some two weeks later I returned for what may be considered as an event, the opening of a Banksy exhibition. Banksy is of course one of the most famous street artists (you can read about him here) and his name attracted large crowds, as we can see here… inside as well as outside.

What can be seen is actually a Banksy fan's private collection. Maybe the best with this event is that Banksy's name attracts people to visit the place and see all the rest. 


Anonymous said...

Always wonderful to see Jerome Mesnager's and Mademoiselle Maurice's art. I don't seem to find the work of my other favorite, Jeff Aerosol.
Fantastic photos as usual.
Thank you

PeterParis said...

You are right, Jeff Aerosol was missing!