More from the south of Portugal.

A fourth and last report from my visit to the south of Portugal. I visited parts of the interior, went westwards to the rougher coastline…

Some special comments on a few places:

Close to Faro you can find the 19th century “Palace of Estoi”, which used to be a private home and now is transformed to a luxury hotel. You are welcome to walk around the gardens, even without being a guest at the hotel.

A charming covered market at Loulé.

Monchique offers spas and health baths, “Caldas de Monchique”

… and spectacular views from the highest peak in southern Portugal – Fóia.

Some more general views from stops along the road.

Reaching the western coastline, there are again some spectacular views, driving down from the Bordeira region to the Sagres region, down to the extreme southwest at “Cabo de Sao Vicente”. Cliffs, beaches, surfers…Beautiful!!

Taking the direction back to the Faro and Olhão region you can notice that the coast west of Faro is full of luxury villas with swimming pools, golf courses, marinas… quite different from what you find east of Olhão, where the atmosphere of the original fishermen’s little towns and villages is much more present. 


Ulla said...

Beautiful pics again, Peter!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the entire tour!
By your sublime photos and by what you write, we can tell of your happiness in visiting this, the country of nonstop beauty.

French Girl in Seattle said...

Beautiful pics. Blue, blue, skies, lucky you! I was curious about the Palace of Estoi and looked it up. I found out it is a Pousada of Portugal, and even as a historic hotel, the nightly rate is less than half the price of a decent {non historic} hotel in downtown Seattle! Too bad I am still too young for the "Golden Age discount" they offer on their website: It would be an even better deal. ;-) Thank you for taking us along on your vacation. Obrigada, Senhor Olson. -- Veronique