A nice little bag as a Christmas gift - 2.400 € ?

I made a walk again along the Avenue Matignon, so nicely lit up during the (long) Christmas season. I wrote about the avenue some almost nine years ago (see here) … the lights have changed since…

… whereas the illumination of the Champs-Elysées, which the avenue crosses, seems to be back to the previous model.
Well, Avenue Montaigne is the street where you can find the Théâtre des Champs Elysées (see previous post), the Plaza Athénée Palace...

... and of course a large number of shops representing almost all high fashion brands….

Many belong to the LVMH group, including of course Dior and Louis Vuitton. 

The Louis Vuitton show windows looked really spectacular (see also top picture), but, but… Some people admire Jeff Koons, others don’t. Koons has often gotten support from Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and its CEO, Bernard Arnault and his family.  This has obviously led to the creation of these bags, clutches and purses. Will they replace the traditional Louis Vuitton bags? (Anyhow, they are even more expensive.) Well… I will not buy / offer any of these. 

Sorry, but I could even ask what’s the difference in “good taste” between the Koons bags and these, price range 10-20 €?  

Jeff Koons is also involved in a gift announced in 2016 to honour French-American friendship – after the 2015 terror attacks.  Well the "gift" by Koons was his idea, the concept… his tulips to be placed in front of the Palais de Tokyo (see previous post). The 3-4 million dollars needed to realize the project were / are? still to be found. You may imagine that there are very different opinions about this project, which in the meantime obviously is “delayed”. Well, the idea is not to replace the present Bourdelle sculpture (see previous post) - the tulips are supposed to be placed on the other side of the columns.  

After reading this, you may imagine that I’m not an absolute Koons admirer… and you may be right. :-)


Jeanie said...

I love the lights but I think I'll give Mr. Koons a pass!

Anonymous said...

And...what is the name this shameless Narcissus gave to his collection of handbags?
Plagio? Plagias? Plagiat? Plagiamus? Plagiatis? Plagiant?

Thank you so much, Peter for your fantastic photography!! Just love how those avenues look!!


Natalie said...

Gorgeous photos.
The purse designer may as well be "up front" and truthful by changing the Monet on the bags to Money- especially since English words keep appearing all over Paris!