Chinese colours.

The winter at the Jardin des Plantes may be a bit dull. Of course, the “ménagerie” - the little zoo - and the different museums are there, but the gardens are not very colourful. (I guess this is my 8th post about the Jardin des Plantes – check them all here.)

So... this year, there was obviously a decision to make the gardens more colourful also during the grey season. Some installations have been made, with the help of Chinese specialists - prehistoric and still existing animals…  If you make the walk during a rainy afternoon, it may not be too spectacular, but…

… when it gets dark…!

Look at the difference – the frog in the afternoon and the same frog in the evening!

This means that the Jardin des Plantes is exceptionally open late in the evenings. This will go on until mid-January. For the "night show”, you need a ticket. There are great crowds, you need to be patient!

You are asked to follow a prepared walk and, as you partly are among some more or less sleeping – real – animals, to try to be relatively silent.

... and it's spectacular!

The top picture shows some flamingos. I found the real ones – they were not sleeping!


Shandara said...

Beautiful. It looks a lot like our Botanical Garden here in Montreal, in October. Very nice! I was there in summertime a long time ago.

Bob Alescio said...

The colors are extraordinary. I will bet you had fun.

Jeanie said...

This looks great -- I'm sorry I missed this one!

MadAboutParis said...

Fabulous shots Peter...so sorry that Virginia and I missed it. The flowers were perfect - here in Cincinnati we are smitten with Hippos and those photos really got my attention. Here is our famous zoo baby:


Maria Russell said...

What a beautiful show! Love those frogs.
Thank you, Peter.