Hibiscus time - time for a break.

This week, this is again how I found the – giant - hibiscus in my – little – garden. 

It made me think that it was time for a little summer break - soon leaving for the south… I hope to be back blogging in about a month. In the meantime, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the season!  

I’m not the only one to love this tree and its flowers!


claude said...

J'ai le même à la maison mais pas très en avance cette année

MadAboutParis said...

Merci mille fois Peter...such gorgeous blooms!
Have a wonderful Summer holiday...

Jane said...

I love Hibiscus too and also have a tree in my little milanese garden ( soft pink ) :-)

Anonymous said...

That first photo tells me about summer more than any other. Glad to know you're taking a break.
Have a great time, Peter!