Vincennes Zoo

Paris has been without a real zoo for a couple of years. The Vincennes Zoo opened again in April after years of renovation. I made a tour with my grandkids.

I know that there are different opinions on the good of keeping animals in zoos. What I can say after this visit is that the installations are really nice.

However, all animals are not yet there, but many are. Some were lazy or shy and didn’t wish to have their portraits and another excuse was that the weather was not the best. Mister Lion was more or less hiding…. 

Anyhow, here are some samples.


MadAboutParis said...

FANTASTIC photos Peter...I cannot wait to see for myself.
Thank you very much for being on the cutting edge of what's new in Paris!

Studio at the Farm said...

Great photo, Peter, and your grand-children are adorable. As for zoos, sadly, I am starting to feel that this is one of the few ways animals can survive ...
Kathryn xx

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Peter,

What an absolutely enchanting post!

The purple flower, the blue parrot, the snipe (sandpiper?), the orange frog...

And how about those beautiful children?

I love this!
Thank you so much.

Tilia said...

The first photo is magic, I love !

Virginia said...

I am not a fan of keeping animals in captivity either but this zoo certainly looks like a good compromise.

Love the photos of the kids. It's really funny how much Paloma and Eva look alike. Both have ponytails now, but Eva has glasses. Davis and Mattias have similar hair as well! :)

Bon 14 juillet Peter!

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère Peter,

J'en avais manqué des billets !...

Je suis et demeurerai toujours émue devant nos amis les animaux. Ils m'attendrissent plus que certains humains !
Tes photos sont captivantes et touchantes.
Je sais que pour le bien de beaucoup d'entre eux il est préférable qu'ils se trouvent là, mais j'aimerais faire comme dans la chanson de Pierre Perret : " ouvrez leur la porte !"...

Gros bisous et merci pour ce joli moment...