A 102 year old merry-go-round.

At the Champs-de-Mars you can find a merry-go-round, now 102 years old, with its original mechanism, its original wooden horses… It’s run manually. With a little stick, the kids will try to catch some rings, which will allow them an extra round.

I have added some photos from the Champs-de-Mars, some “stolen” from the Merry-go-round website. We can see the Champs-de-Mars during the revolutionary years, during the “Expositions Universelles”… and an old postcard showing the merry-go-round. 

... and of course a look from the Eiffel Tower.


Jeanie said...

I don't know how I didn't discover this when we were there in 2012. I usually gravitate to a carousel like a magnet! Next time!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, M. Peter:

Greetings from Chicago!

So, you think that pony in the foreground looks rather lonely, eh? Mais non, non, non...

He's just waiting for his real owner, the young Sioux Native American called Yakari.
And how do I know that? Well, his owner's name is right there on the pony's flank!

Beautiful photos as usual.
What an adorable post!
Thank you so much,

P.S. A little while ago, I was reading and admiring your Montmartre Cemetery posts, with the resting places of all those great musicians and composers, Leo Delibes among them...
He was such a genius, his music is so beautiful!
Here's a link to his famous "Mazurka" by the Bolshoi Ballet dancers:


claude said...

J'aime bien ce nom anglais Merry-go-round.

Thérèse said...

Excellent idée de nous montrer ce « Merry go round » c’est le seul nom que je leurs donne. De plus il n'y a pas plus écologique.

Synne said...

Wow, I had no idea this charming carousel was so old! I have to take an extra good look at it next time I'm around. I might ask to ride it, too, if I'm not too old!