Subway - above ground

When the Paris metro system was planned by the end of the 19th century, already nine lines were envisaged – today there are 14 (or 16, if you add nos. 3bis and 7bis). At the outset, there was a west-east line (the present line no. 1), a north-south line (the present line no. 4) and a circular line. Line no. 1 was opened in July 1900 during the World's Fair.

What you would refer to as a circular line corresponds today to two lines:
Line no. 2, which partly opened also in 1900 (actually the part which is not “circular” and goes from Place Charles-de Gaulle – Etoile in the direction of the Bois de Boulogne) and was completed in 1903...

... and today's line no. 6 – first known as line no. 2 South -, which opened with a first part from Etoile to Trocadéro also in 1900, reached Place de l’Italie in 1906 and Place de la Nation in 1909.  

What is particular with both lines, nos. 2 and 6, is that they are partly above ground, which somehow may make them more interesting, especially from a sightseeing point of view - some landmarks can be seen through the windows.

Here you have an approximate map of lines nos. 2  and 6, the yellow dotted lines being what’s above ground….

… and here are some pictures, a mixture from lines nos. 2 and 6, very slightly different in design.

The more spectacular parts of line no. 6 may be the crossing of the Seine River, at Pont de Bir-Hakeim and Pont de Bercy. (Line no. 4 was the first one to cross the Seine under water in 1910.)


French Girl in Seattle said...

Qui n'aime pas le Metro aérien? Ma station préférée? Corvisart. Parce que quand j'y arrive, je ne suis qu'à deux pas (allez, disons à 5 minutes si je marche vite,) du quartier de la Butte aux Cailles. Merci de cette ballade Peter. On apprécie beaucoup plus les transports en commun quand on en est privé. Biz. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle.)

Anonymous said...

C'est assez agréable de monter les marches pour aller prendre son métro et regarder le paysage plutôt que de descendre sous terre!

claude said...

Cela me fait un bien fou de voir ta publication. Je vais me répéter mais j'aimais bien quand le métro sortait en aérien, ça permettait de voir Paris.
J'ai visionné ton post précédent. Bien l'escalier Coluche !

Harriet said...

Another very interesting post! Merci!

Anne said...

Had no idea the metro went above ground, thank you for a fascinating post. Must try out those lines on my next visit, especially the one that traverses the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Saw this many times when driving around Paris with my sister.
Beautiful post and even more beautiful photos.
¡Muchas gracias!