On the stairs at the end of a little street, Rue Lemaignan, you can find the portrait of "Coluche" (Michel Colucci). He died in 1986, only some 42 years old in a motorcycle accident. He was a comedian and an actor, extremely popular, known for his irreverent sense of humour. He dared to say what most others wouldn't dare, on- and off-stage. He even (for fun... or not?) announced his candidacy for the presidential elections in 1981 - before withdrawing, but reaching 16% of voting intentions. In 1985 he created the "Restos de Coeur", an association which has survived him and today offers help (food, lodging...) to more than a million people, especially during the cold months.

The portrait here, quite recent, is meant as an homage, commemorating 30 years since his death. It was very officially recently inaugurated by the mayors of the 13th and 14th arrondissements.

From the top of the street you see "nothing", from the bottom of the street you see the portrait. I hope that theses pictures will explain how the artists, Zag & Sia, have worked.

Why here? "Coluche" lived just round the corner in a red-brick house, more or less overlooking the beautiful Montsouris park. 

I already posted about this park, see here, when it was greener than this week.

Talking about colours..., I admired some black and red.


Anonymous said...

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may........

P.S. Rembrandt would approve.


Studio at the Farm said...

I am amazed at their work done on the stair steps. Thank you, Peter.

Synne said...

Oh, how fun! I really like clever artworks like this!