Apulian holidays (2)

Although the house we rented offered a very nice swimming pool, there is always a wish to find the sea. The Adriatic coast line, down in the south, offers a beautiful landscape with a mixture of cliffs and beaches… and crystal clear water. Here are some examples of what we experienced.

Polignano a Mare, situated on cliffs has, like many other cities here, a long history – Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian… and offers a lot of charm. 

The Santa Maria Assunta church has a beautiful interior behind an austere facade.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that Polignano is directly linked to the song “Volare” (through its creator and performer Domenico Modugno)… but the main attraction, at least during the warmer season, is obviously the cliff-surrounded beach, which sometimes proposes diving competitions. (We made our way through the crowd by walking.)    

Going southwards, you find a number of sometimes less populated beaches.

Another spectacular cliff diving place is Torre dell’Orso (see also top picture)...

… close to other beaches at Otranto.

Reaching the extreme southern coastline you can find miles of sand beaches, referred to as the Apulian “Maldives”. 


French Girl in Seattle said...

Magnifiques paysages, mais j'ai beau écarquiller les yeux, je ne te vois pas parmi les plongeurs téméraires, Peter... ;-) Véronique.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Looks fabulous. Lovely area of Italy.

Anonymous said...

Mil gracias por esas perfectas fotos y por su interesante relato.
¡Que bella region!

claude said...

Magnifique reportage !
Une belle région pour passer de bonnes vacances.

lyliane six said...

Une région moins connue de l'Italie mais très belle, une idée pour de futures vacances.