Apulian holidays (3)

A third report from our Apulian family holidays; first some words and pictures from Lecce, a historic city, with some still visible remains from Roman times…

… but especially rich in baroque architecture.

The cathedral has origins from the 12th century, but was completely restored during the 17th century.

We also visited the Castellana Caves – Grotte di Castellana (see top picture) during a more than two hour walk – 3,3 km (2 miles).  The main enormous entrance cave, La Grave, has a hole on the top and the view from there (first picture below on the left) is impressive. The cave in its total length was discovered as late as 1938. It’s fascinating to admire all the stalactites, stalagmites… in all colours – all in a nice cool temperature. 


French Girl in Seattle said...

After the first two "sunny" chapters of your Italian vacation, we now get to enjoy much needed shade and cooler temps underground. Fantastic photos, as always. I wonder where you will take us in Chapter 4. Hot or cold? Light or dark? Le mystère reste entier. Véronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Anonymous said...

Those caves are kind of spooky for my taste. Are those perhaps the caves where Orlando il furioso slayed the beast, the one that kept his beloved Angelica prisoner?

Love those Roman remains! And your photos convey the beauty of the place in such a way that it defies one's imagination...

Thank you so much!

krishna said...

So beautiful..

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