Villa d'Alésia

I continue with my walks to different “villas”, alleys, where many of the early 20th century artists lived and worked – and where possibly a few of today’s artists may live. Here we are at “Villa d’Alésia”. Most of the buildings, studios, workshops… date from late 19th century.

It seems that Henri Matisse as well as Fernand Léger worked here for shorter periods. Wifredo Lam obviously had a studio here for a longer period.

There is a surprising mixture of buildings, architectures…

For many years one of the houses used to be the home of the painter Auguste Leroux (1871-1954).

This blue door belongs to a building where the glass artists Jacques Gruber (1871-1936) and later also his son Jean-Jacques Gruber (1904-88) worked as from 1914. Jacques Gruber is especially known as the creator of the glass dome of Galeries Lafayette (1912), which I photograph every Christmas - see 2010 here.

Just behind the “Villa d’Alésia” you can find a charming little square, “Jardin Lionel-Assouad”, partly surrounded by some nice older buildings. 

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Jeanie said...

You know the best spots, Peter, but most of all you know the stories behind them! Thank you!