I should have booked….

This was yesterday evening. Yes, it was the evening after a very hot day (some 37°C, 100 °F) and it was the “Fête de la Musique” (World Music Day)….  Didn’t feel like, having the energy, to go for all the places where music was played, like previous years, I just wanted to have a little meal with some friends in my immediate neighbourhood. I should of course have booked a table. This is what we met. This is actually what I like about the area where I live - the number of nice bars and restaurants… but it was a bit of a fight before we found a place to sit.  These pictures were all taken in an area within one or two minutes’ walk from my flat – yes, it’s a nice area!

The alternative could have been a picnic in the nearby park, but…. (pictures taken 9 pm).  


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Peter!
It is so comforting to see a neighborhood with such a good vibe, with many children...everybody having a good time. It reminds me of the environment in which I grew up.
Happy to know you can live it up!

Mil gracias

Why fight for a place to sit? Do like my compatriots and bring your own folding chairs :)

Thérèse said...

Superbe! Quelle belle ambiance! J'aimerais vivre la même ambiance dans notre quartier de Toulouse... Pour accéder à la fête de la musique sur la Place du Capitole, il fallait montrer patte blanche avant que les entrées ne se ferment pour la soirée. Nous nous sommes rabattus sur celle du quartier Toulouse/Saint Simon qui, ma foi, fut bien réussie mais sans mélange de population. Il y a encore du travail à faire.

Jeanie said...

Either way it looks like loads of fun and you would be a winner with a table or a comfy blanket in the park!

Anonymous said...

Hot or not looks like a fantastic day/evening !

claude said...

De bien belles réunions ! Très réussie cette fête tant dans les bar, les resto et les parcs.

Anonymous said...

Is the Fête de la Musique still going on? Is it possible then that you could hear good Brazilian music in Paris?

Here's my contribution:



From Wikipedia:
Seems like the French have had great appreciation for Brazilian music since a very long time!
In 1893, when the choro "Brejeiro" was published and achieved national and even international success, the Republican Guard Band of Paris, France, began to include it in their repertoire, coming even to record it.

Shammickite said...

I think you must have been enjoying lovely weather if people were still out picnicking in the park at 9pm. Wonderful pictures!