Ground Control

Last year I reported on a site named the “Grand Train” (see here). Temporary bars, restaurants, playground… were offered in a former railroad depot in the 18th arrondissement. This kind of activity continues one year after the other, but the spot changes. The basic idea is to, in cooperation with the National Railway Company (SNCF) and in a temporary way, use space before demolition and new building projects.

Opened only during the summer months, this summer (and next summer) the place chosen under the work name “Ground Control” is close to the Gare de Lyon, in the 12th arrondissement. “Halle Charolais” is a former warehouse and mail sorting centre. In two years a new housing project will get started. In the meantime, you can enjoy a different atmosphere, buy a book, get things to eat and drink with an emphasis on organic, ecological products… or just sit down and relax. 



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful undertaking and such a good idea! That greenery must be so comforting to the eye!

And what's inside that big cup, Peter? Some apple juice:)? Or some vin mousseux, as the French called that bubbly in the 1790's?

I adore those photos, how they capture that sunlight.

Thank you so much,

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Peter. Hope you are well . Such a great post ..this place looks like fun ..as always a great post too .thanks for sharing take care

claude said...

ça a l'air sympa comme endroit !