Sitting on the rails...

As last year, one has the possibility, during the warmer months, to visit what used to be a repair and maintenance workshop for the French Railways. Such activities started here in 1845 and were abandoned in 2014. In the meantime, the premises had of course been modified, especially during the 1930’s.  Before demolition starts in 2017, making place for housing and commercial installations, the premises are for a second time open to public – until October 16.

The event takes place in cooperation with the French Railways and a number of old locomotives and rail cars can be seen, including a beautiful steam locomotive and a “Trans Europe Express” passenger car (which reminds me of some previous trains - slower than the TGV, but - nice for travelling, with real and often excellent restaurant service….).

During the coming months you can enjoy a number of activities here, including eating, drinking, shopping, listening to concerts…

The open space is used for gardening, bee hives… and for just sitting down with a glass, a book, an iPad… (I was here rather early in the day – I imagine there were difficulties to find a seat later during this very warm spring Sunday.)

Here is where you can find the place. The street in  front (rue Ordener) is on Sundays occupied by a (flea) market. This is also where you can find one of the authorised street art walls (on which I reported previously, see here). 


lyliane six said...

Curieux mais intéressant bonne idée de sortie

c'est Jeff ici said...

Thank you for this find! I look forward to visiting it in September.

Studio at the Farm said...

What a fascinating place to visit! It's a shame they are planning to re-develop the area.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the delight of children visiting this place!
How can they not be enthralled with those real locomotives and wagons so well aligned and ready to be admired?

I loved the photos of the other beautifully arranged places with food and other articles for sale!
Who would not want to sit with a drink and have a good time with friends or family in those confortable chairs?
When I refer to children, it is understood of course those of all ages and sizes.

Thank you so much, M. Peter for sharing with us, once again, some of the fascinating history of your city in such a delicious post.