Les Halles - new version (2)

I have already talked about "Les Halles" several times on my blog (see here) - the long history, how the place was remodeled in the 1870’s and then again in the 1970-80’s… and now once more. The work is in progress – should be completed next year. For the moment “La Canopée”, supposed to remind us of a natural canopy, is finished. (Some pigeons seem to appreciate.)

The really more natural part of the park with trees and pathways has still to be done...

… and the necessary remodeling and refreshing of the underground shopping centre (with cinemas, libraries, swimming-pool… and a complicated network between different metro lines..) is still ongoing. 


Amanda said...

I will have to wait to be there to form an opinion but from what I see from your photos, I DO NOT LIKE IT!

Anonymous said...

I was in Paris not long after the original structure of Les Halles was demolished. I saw its citizens indignation, and I listened to their feelings about such monstrous decision (in their own words). And who could blame them?

I had forgotten that Les Halles is in the shadow of that magnificent church!
Thank you so much, M. Peter for the update of this place.