Temporary exhibition

The love locks have left the Pont des Arts (see previous post here), new glass panels make it again possible to get an unobstructed view of the Seine. The city is now renewing a previous tradition to expose art on the “art bridge”. Under the title “La Passerelle Enchantée“ (The Enchanted Footbridge) there is at present a solo show of sculptures - by Daniel Hourdé - to be seen – until June 12.

I was there a few hours before the official opening and the installations were still in progress.

I returned the following day.

A lot of reflecting material is used.

The mayor runs a “Love Without Locks” campaign as too many monuments, bridges… continue to be covered, hidden… and here is another example - around the statue of Henry IV and the Pont Neuf, on the edge of the Ile de la Cité. I suppose that new glass panels are now needed here also.

From the Pont Neuf, the traditional view of the La Samaritaine building is different for still some time. Some maintenance work was ongoing on Paris’ oldest remaining bridge.  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...beautiful city...beautiful sculptures...
My favorite is the one painted beige and blue. Such masterpiece!

Is it already time for Les Heures Heureuses a Paris, yet?
Aah! Paris, je.te reviens encore!


Thérèse said...

Un réel progrès sur ce Pont des Arts!

Jeanie said...

I love the concept of the statues but I can't say that any of them appeal to me. (The locks do more, actually -- at least I see the meaning in them, although I agree, they are damaging the structures and must go.) But I wish they'd think of something a bit different to replace it all with than this!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Great initiative to get back to exhibiting artworks on the pont des Arts - despite the disappointment of no longer being able to attach their locks to the bridge tourists and Paris lovers will still see the benefit of visiting the bridge and will have a grand time!

Creamcheese said...
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Creamcheese said...

I managed to view these sculptures, though the installation was not finished, while crossing the Pont des Arts on a very wet morning just before I left Paris.The sculptures are thought provoking, and very strong and the use of a lot of reflective material creates an extra dimensional quality to the pieces and the Pont itself. It's great to see the Pont being used as an outdoor gallery and not just a receptacle for hardware.

Lorraine said...

The glass panels on the bridge look great. Didn't realize that the locks also blocked some views from the bridge.