How to make the pyramid disappear.

Street artist and photographer JR has managed to make the Louvre pyramid (more or less) disappear. June 27 the pyramid will again be back to normal. If you are interested in JR and his work, you can go here. I can also refer to his Panthéon "faces", on which I reported here.

Visiting the “Cour Carré”, actually the older part of the present Louvre, built during the 16th and 17th centuries, you will get another surprise.

Eva Jospin (the daughter of former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin) has created a “panorama” with twisted mirrors outside and some kind of forest inside. The installation will remain here until August 28.  You can read about Eva Jospin here.

This made me have a closer look on the fantastic facades of the Cour Carrée, the Square Court, with all its “details” (including the chimneys). 

One can also walk out through what used to be the main entrance during the “royal times” and have a look at the outside. (You can read more about the Louvre in some of my earlier posts.)  


Karen said...

I always enjoyed walking in this part of the Louvre and seeing all the little statues in the niches and all the architectural details. I remember when they built a building here for one of the designers during fashion week. There were also children skating on the frozen puddles one very cold winter.
Love your photos.

Anonymous said...

I was with my parents when I saw Maya Plisetskaya dancing at la Cour Carrée. An evening of pure magic for my young eyes and never to be forgotten.
Your photos are fantastic, as usual! Love that purple color.
Thank you, M. Peter for sharing this with us.

Jeanie said...

This is pretty bizarre but very, very cool! It would be a treat to see in person!

Virginia said...

Peter, I've followed JR for a number of years. I think your readers might want to learn more about his remarkable INSIDE OUT Project. I first learned about it from JM"s Portugal blog. Since then I follow on Facebook and even tried to get the project in my hometown, but have not at this point. His installation at the Pantheon was remarkable and I regret that while we were there that November, I didn't realize there were faces inside as well. Missed opportunity for certain!

PeterParis said...

Virginia is right. I should at least have referred to JR's Panthéon "faces". I now added a line on my post.

Thérèse said...

Je trouve cela très sympathique et cela force les gens qui passent devant à se pencher un peu plus sur l'architecture.

joanna said...

Thank you Peter for this post and thank you Virginia for your additional comment.

Nathalie H.D. said...

I heard about the project on the radio but hadn't seen a photo yet. Now I understand how it works, thanks for the post!
(and thanks for mentioning Eva Jospin, I knew nothing about her)