Behind the doors...

Yes, I like to push doors...  Here are some other examples of what you can find when you are lucky… I don’t know if you are really allowed in or not, so I’m not insisting on giving the addresses.
Here is first an example from the 7th arrondissement. I haven’t found any real information on this place. The obviously fairly old workshops are all in good – renovated – shape. The surprising black thing along one of the walls is actually an old water-pump.

Here is another example, completely different - a place where some people live, some work... . We are in the 10th arrondissement - see also top picture.


Gunn said...

Vakkert og overraskende!

Someone is lucky to work or live here. I like all the plants, the little table in there and the "lines and windows in your photos.

Thanks for sharing.

claude said...

J'adore ces petites courettes verdoyantes et fleuries.

Shammickite said...

I want to live there!