The Saint-Laurent Church.

Maybe I cannot “leave” the Rue de Faubourg Saint Martin (see my two preceding posts) without making a few words about and show a few pictures of the Saint-Laurent Church. Well, I actually talked about it already some two years ago (see here), about its 15th century origins, with a number of modifications during the centuries, with its links to Vincent de Paul and to Louise de Marillac...

One curiosity to be added is that during the revolutionary years, the church became the “Temple of Hymen and of Fidelity”. There were obviously some other “Hymen Temples” created those days also in other countries. Well… it didn’t last and we should perhaps also remember that Hymen obviously was the name of the God of Marriage in Greek mythology.

The present facade from the 1860’s, in a Neo-Gothic style, replaced the previous 17th century one. On the top picture we can see how one has tried to make the facade look like a really Gothic one. 


claude said...

Effectivement la façade a changé du tout au tout.
J'aime bien le gothique mais l'ancienne n'était pas mal non plus.
Beaux vitraux et belles statues.
Merci pour la visite.

Thérèse said...

Le tympan est magnifique, il y en a peu d'aussi beaux.