Foujita... eyes, hair, cats...

There is at present a Foujita exhibition at the Maillol Museum (I wrote about the museum here). Have you ever really noticed how Foujita painted eyes, hair, cats… (and dogs)?

I have no intention here to tell the life of Foujita (18896-1968), who spent many years in France (you can do that e.g. here), I just wanted to illustrate more in detail some of his techniques…  The top picture shows his own eyes, a detail of one of his self-portraits (1928).

Here are some other examples of his very personal (Japanese-European) style, with details from the self-portrait. His love for cats is well-known – in 1930 he even published a “Book of Cats” for which you would have to pay a fortune today, if you can find it.

More examples of eyes, hair, cats …

… and even a dog.

I was pleased to find a painting from the Cité Falguière on which I posted here and where Foujita spent some of the WWI years.

The exhibition also showed a portrait of the French actor and film director Gérard Oury (1919-2006), from 1927, when he was 8 years old. Oury is responsible of a number of popular films with Louis de Funès, Bourvil, Yves Montand, David Niven, Terry Thomas, J-P Belmondo… and here we can see him together with his long time life partner Michèle Morgan and his daughter Danielle Thompson, who now owns the little portrait.      


Mystica said...

Reading your blog, I learn something new each time around. Thanks.

Jeanie said...

Not knowing Foujita at all, I thought that first image (just the glasses) was Harry Potter! I love his cats -- he really captures their attitude so beautifully. And the other work is lovely. I had no idea. Thank you, peter!

Maria Russell said...

Many of La Rotonde's male customers envied Foujita. A regular at this bistro himself, he always managed to be surrounded by beautiful ladies.
What a lovely portrait of the 8 year old Gérard Oury!!
Thank you, Peter.

Studio at the Farm said...

I must say, I do like his cats, and his rendering of hair is lovely. Thank you, Peter!