Door handles, knobs…

Just a few pictures from a walk in my new neighbourhood, occupied by buildings which mostly have a few years of history.

Maybe some extra comments… There are some extravagant handles on two Lavirotte buildings (see previous post). One of the lizards on the door of 151 rue de Grenelle was obviously once stolen. It has been replaced by a copy of the one you can find 29 avenue Rapp. Did the stolen one look the same?

Some neighbouring buildings in the same street, same year of construction, same architect, may have similar handles, but different care gives different looks.

Some handles may need less frequent polishing by the concierge, being self-polished.

I was struck by the decoration of this basically quite modest building, 22 rue Fabert.


claude said...

Magnifique collection !

Gunn said...

Wow, what a collection!
Lots of work (and walks) you must have done for a result like this.
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Love your eye for detail.

junk said...

Don't you wish they could talk about the hands that touched them over the years?!

Bob Alescio said...

Wonderful. I, too, found myself photographing these lovely bits.

Maria Russell said...

I love that round brass doornob with a (Swedish green? Rajasthan?) marble base.
Wonderful post!
Thanks, Peter,

Susie said...

Congrats on ten years of blogging. I would dearly love to take a walk with you thru your city. I love seeing all the very unusual things you show us on your site. Blessings for many more years of walks and blogs, xoxo, Susie

Studio at the Farm said...

These are exquisite, Peter! And congratulations on your ten years of blogging :)