Cité Fleurie

« La Cité Fleurie » - the name indicates of course that you should find a lot of flowers. Well, then mid-January is perhaps not the best time for a “flower-visit”, but I was anyhow so happy to manage to get into this little haven, in the middle of the 13th arrondissement, normally closed for “strangers” - but sometimes you are lucky.

There are 29 small pavilions here, all artist studios … and only artists are admitted. The buildings are from the 1880’s and the building material had been recovered from the 1878 Paris World’s Fair (Exposition Universelle).  
Observed from above (thanks Google Earth), we can see how the pavilions all have typical artist light arrangements.

Some famous names from the past: César Domela, Henri Laurens, Henri Cadiou… and at no. 9, Gauguin and Modigliani, who however were rather short-time squatters. (Modigliani had a few tens of Paris addresses… he could very seldom pay the rent.) Rodin came here frequently to get his sculptures patinated (have a patina put on) - by Jean Limet. Picasso and Giacometti came to see friends…

Of course there have been plans to build something more lucrative here, but after tough fights, which finally involved the President Pompidou, the place was saved and is now considered as a “monument historique” (national heritage site).

I found a few flowers…


claude said...

J'adore ces petits coins sympas de Paris.

Anonymous said...

And what is that delicious looking cat doing in such a beautiful place?
The last time I saw him, he was in the theater, dancing the role of Puss in Boots.


Perrault, Tchaikovsky, Petipa=total geniuses...

Thank you, Peter.

In your previous post - Plaques - I saw the one belonging to Emile Bernard, the great and truthful friend of Van Gogh.

Emile Bernard's work is a total marvel, his stunning nudes making rivalry, IMHO, with those of Bouguereau. When he spent some time in Venice, he made a painting called Jeune vénitien-1924-1925-

I wonder if this painting inspired Luchino Visconti to choose Björn Andrésen for the role of Thaddeus in his movie Death in Venice. There's some resemblance between this boy and Andrésen.

Jeanie said...

What a wonderful area! I should like very much to have a studio there. And I would probably be the one to adopt that gorgeous orange boy who is very handsome indeed!

Shammickite said...

What a beautiful corner of the city. I'm so glad it has been preserved.