Photos on Ipernity

As I noticed rather few visitors to my photo blog (and as it also requires a lot of "space") I have left it empty since a couple of weeks. Some visitors have however expressed a wish to see some of my collage photos "in full". I will now for some time - now and then - create specific albums on Ipernity. When I do so, I will make the direct link to an Ipernity album - which will have the same title as the post it's referring to. I have done so for the first time on the below post (link at the end of the post), Parc de Bagatelle (1). If you feel like it, I would appreciate to know if you find this of interest.


Olivier said...

je trouve que c'est une bonne idée et en plus j'ai vu les photos de Vendredi ;o))

Anonymous said...

I have started to collect albums too in Ipernity :)
It`s easy and good one.

I have now two children and two dogs, one husband and one daughter, mom of children in our house, no time to Ipernity :)

Greetings to you from all of us!

Azer Mantessa said...

this is strange. off late, i can't help it but keep saving some pictures from here.

i have to admit this ... i had the intention of asking you to take more pictures on women ... you know, there you are in Paris and I know Paris since I was a kid and fantastically I know Paris and Beautiful Women are like ... so related to each other.

Off late ... it just does not matter anymore. Probably due to the fact that I have been visiting this blog quite often. I'm kinda attached to the pictures here.

this is strange

*scratch head*

PeterParis said...

Il ne faut pas tricher! :-)

My greetings back to the whole big family, especially including the young blogger!

Strange, yes, that you are fond of women! :-)) Yes, Paris is fine, but Asiatic women are definitely as nice! ... actually everywhere! Just look around!

Mona said...

wow! The slide show is awesome Peter! Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures!

Marie-Noyale said...

Of course,c'est interressant.
Je ne dis pas que je le fais le jour meme!
mais quand j'ai le temps ,en diaporama la promenade est presque plus reelle.
Et je n'ai pas triché!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great slide show, Peter! Love seeing your gorgeous photos!

Yesterday I received the "Blogging Friends Forever" Award for my photos and overall enthusiasm for life, from Ken Mac, from Greenwich Village Daily Photo.

According to the rules I can now award this honor to 5 other bloggers of my choice. I have chosen your blog as I really like your photos and also for your amazing issues and information about Paris! Please visit my blog and you will see your name among the 5 other awardees. Then it will be your turn to give the award yourself - if you like so - to 5 other bloggers of your choice, according to the rules you will find indicated there.
Greetings from Leaves of Grass!

Anonymous said...

You already know ... :-)))

alice said...

Moi j'aime beaucoup la balade supplémentaire que tu nous offres sur ton autre blog.
Merci beaucoup de faire désormais partie de mes "followers"! Et chez toi, ils sont où?
Je vois que tu as regroupé toutes tes récompenses dans un tableau spécial! Et moi qui ne sais même pas comment on les fait figurer un par un...
Je vois aussi que je ne t'en ai jamais adressé???Je répare cette erreur en te faisant dès à présent une grosse bise!