White (after-) Christmas

I had some other plans for today’s post, but as snowy weather is rather exceptional in Paris, I thought I should show you this instead. Unfortunately the parks in my neighbourhood were closed while the snow was falling last Monday (only some employees walked around) and I had to take some photos through the fences to get some pictures.

Average January temperature in Paris is about +5°C (41°F) with an average high of +8°C (48°F) and an average low of +2°C (36°F). We may have some snow now and then, but not each year. Temperatures this week are - and will be closer to -6 (21°F) or -7°C (19°F) even in the afternoon.

The flowers and the birds seem to resist as do the "pétanque" players.

You can find these photos in full and in a slide show on Ipernity.


Michelle said...

Such beautiful pictures. It looks like you all got some really good snow, not just ice. We don't get much snow either. Usually only a couple time a year. Enjoy it!

Shammickite said...

The snow looks different from Canadian snow!
When I was at school in UK, we wore grey uniform skirts, and sometimes there would be a part of an underslip accidently showing below the hem of the uniform skirt.... in that case the comment would always be "It's snowing in Paris". Don't ask me why.... but everyone knew that it meant pull your slip up a bit!
Anyone else remember this?

Ruth said...

Paris and snow? Heaven.

Marie-Noyale said...

Le Paris que j'ai vu aux informations ici, ne me tentait pas,
mais tes photos ,oui!!
Hard to believe that they are still playing Petanque!

Virginia said...

Well, I'm overwhelmed. Paris with snow is more than I can imagine. Gorgeous photos Peter. Thanks for letting us all have a taste! You captured it perfectly as always. Merci mon ami ( did I get it right this time?HA)
More to follow????

Olivier said...

la neige fait sortir tous les photographes ;o)) belle serie, Paris sous la neige c'est magnifique...

lyliane six said...

Tu es sur d'être à Paris? ne serais ce pas plutôt Göteborg? Je suis très contente, j'ai fait une partie de boules de neige seule, en déneigeant ma voiture et testé l'ABS en freinant dans ma rue.
Mes chats ne sont pas si fous que ces joueurs de boules, ils restent à l'abri mais mangent comme 4 le soir!

Jill said...

Marvelous Peter. Thank you so much for taking and posting this.

EMNM said...

Yesterday the snow was falling in Madrid too, but not too much.
Today is very cold brrrr

Chuckeroon said...

Good morning, Peter. I'm now saving up for my new supply of Laurent Perrier, getting ready for next year! Tks for the good wishes.

Anonymous said...

ah salut mon petit piteur des neiges. Beau post qui respire la joie de vivre. Oui, je ne sais pas, il y a quelque chose de festif dans cette partie de pétanque dans la neige. Et j'adore ta photo avec le pigeon, très réussi. Il n'a pas beaucoup neigé ces derniers jours en Suisse mais il faut aussi très très très froid. Et la bise (vent froid) souffle en rafales ce matin. C'est une horreur. Le trajet depuis la sortie du métro jusqu'au bureau a été frigorifiant. Je t'embrasse et attention de ne pas te ramasser une boule de neige dans les lunettes. :-))

Anonymous said...

et je voulais aussi dire, un peu en écho du post de cergie d'aujourd'hui. Même s'il fait froid, qu'il y a de la neige et qu'on risque de perdre le cochonnet, il y a toujours moyen de faire de la pétanque! C'est cela la vie, savoir profiter des petites choses qui nous sont données.

Cergie said...

Quel magnifique message ! Je me régale ! Quelle chance de pouvoir sortir prendre des photos quand on veut et d'habiter Paris (cela n'enlève rien à ton talent). Tu
as immortalisé la chute de la neige et nous voilà transportés chez les vikings (heureusement il y a la poubelle ; les vikings en ont des plus écolos, non ? Ce n'est pas une critique, j'aime bien le vert)
Tes photos me console de ne pas en avoir prises (j'aurais aimé pouvoir le faire vers 17H lorsque je suis partie à un RV d'ophtalmo, la neige couvrait les arbres à présent elle est tombée)
De merveilleuses images de la vie parisienne, la vie qui continue et même qui est boostée par le plaisir d'un moment unique.

claude said...

Moins 16 ce matin à 7H30 ! La neige de lundi est toujours là. Moi qui n'aime pas l'hiver, je suis servie ! Mais pensons à ceux qui vivent dehors.

claude said...

Ya qu'un méridional à Paris pour jouer à la pétanque dans la neige !
Moi aussi j'adore le pigeon qui gonfle ses plumes pour se tenir chaud. les petits oiseaux de mon jardins font la même chose.

Adam said...

Fantastic collection of photos of a notoriously difficult subject! I think city snow is nicer to look at than experience, so it is good that the parks have been locked up and still offer mini snowscene paysages!

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's very nice to see how it looks like in Paris now. Today the weather is grey and very frosty here. Maybe there will be some more snow.

Azer Mantessa said...

This is something us from the tropical areas envy


Maxime said...

La ville de Paris fournit les explications les plus abracadabrantes sur sa décision de fermer les parcs, dont le risque de glissade sur la neige !
J'adore tes photos de fleurs enneigées, mais le plus drôle, ce sont les joueurs de pétanque! Totalement surréaliste...

Mona said...

Wow! That Snow looks so pristine pure!

I love the photos! The poor birds feel the cold I see!

Claudia said...

Gorgeous photographs!! So rare to see such snowy pictures of Paris. You can use them as Christmas cards in 11 months' time ;-)

Happy New Year to you, Peter, and thank you for your very kind and ego-boosting comments :-)

Anonymous said...

I suppose it is unusual for snow to fall where you live. Or it is not so common. We have it all winter and ice and rain in the form of ice pellets. It is a nightmare to drive in and over here, most people have to drive many miles to get to work from their homes. We don't have public transportation in America but it is available in larger cities like New York, San Francisco and places like that but not in Dayton, Ohio or Greenville, Ohio.

I still have the old blogs but I also have new ones Abe Lincoln Blogs and also look at Abraham Lincoln's Blog

alice said...

La pétanque à mains nues, c'est un sport trop dangereux, malheureux!

Thérèse said...

Des images tellement vivantes et gaies!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the snow in Paris is exotic and special, it even looks in that way.
I am not going to ask about a traffic!!

Bettina said...

Beautiful photos. Paris looks as lovely as always even covered in snow.
We have the same weather here in Denmark, and it's very cold. But I'd rather experience the snow in Paris.

marie6 said...

Simply wonderful, I love the ones of the blossoms covered with snow!

Tanya Breese said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous photos. I mean really, I enjoyed them all!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Peter ! et merci de risquer la pneumonie en allant prendre ces photos !

Neva said...

This is a great snow shot.....snow in Paris.....looks lovely to me!--or should I say normal? as it snowed here again as well! Been there done that and don't mind it ...really.

Shionge said...

Just wanna curl up in bed right now after all these Peter ;)

MARIA said...

Surprise! Paris and snow?...Great photos, Peter! Thank you!

krystyna said...

Hi Peter!
I like winter and snow, but especially looking through the window or looking at beautiful winter pics as yours are.
All photos are beautiful!
But the last photo is a special, because I see people in action and reactions. Looks like they are mowing, thinking, talking.

Have a beautiful day!

Unknown said...

Beautiful white photos! Everyone of them is a post card!
Today we are feeling really cold in Portugal as we are not used to these temperatures, but gladly, the sun is shinning! (minimum values of -9º in the north and 1º in Lisbon... too much for us!)

Nathalie H.D. said...

Wonderful snow pictures, Peter!
We finally had snow in Avignon too yesterday, which is far more unusual than in Paris. Come and have a look!

Rob said...

Snow in Paris, I would never have guessed it. I wonder about the petanque game, do they create winter rules to deal with the snow?

PeterParis said...

Yes,, we try to enjoy. I'm ,only a bit annoyed that they don't let us into the parks, the only places where the snow still remains white!

:-) I tried to find out about the expression, but couldn't find anything!

Heaven? Well... but I agree that it's an interesting experience! :-)

PeterParis said...

I was also surprised by the "pétanque" game, but there was som sun in the afternoon!

(You got it right.) I haven't planned for anything more, but if needed I can improvise!

Oui, on ne peux pas résister!

PeterParis said...

La neige de la Suède ne me manque pas vraiment, mais un jour de temps en temps, ça va!

Happy if you appreciate!

It's cold all over Europe! Madrid, the summer "infierno", the rest of the year "invernio"! Or? :-))

PeterParis said...

Do you want an address of a good (cheaper) champagne?

Une fille de la montagne devrait pouvoir resister!

Delphinium bis:
Yn cochonnet en rouge serait bien!

PeterParis said...

Oui, il faut sortir rapidement, si on veut trouver la neige relativement intacte!

On est bien dedans!

Claude bis:
Des plumes à gonfler, c'est ce qui me manque en ce moment!

Virginia said...

Well Chuckeroon may want to pay more but I would love to know the address of a good "cheaper" champagne!!!

PeterParis said...

I guess you are right, but I would have been quite happy to get in there - as the only one, of course!

I'm sure you will get some snow (or now already have it)!

... and we often envy you!

PeterParis said...

Je suis d'accord; ça semble un peu trop, ils étaient encore fermés aujourd'hui (jeaudi) sans neige supplémentaire depuis lundi)!

I also wondered how the birds feel the cold, compared to us!

It's not difficult to make compliments when one has ssen your blog!

PeterParis said...

Well, our public transports work rather well, but they have also difficulties - not adapted for this kind of surprise!

Dur, dur!! :-)

Oui, j'ai essayé, malgré le froid! Il faut voir le coté positif!

PeterParis said...

Nice of you not to ask!

April in Paris is nicer!

Poor flowers!

PeterParis said...

Thanks, that's very kind!

Merci! (Je tousse un petit peu.)

Yes, I guess snow is not a surprise to you!

PeterParis said...

Sounds nice!!

Yes, a bit of a surprise here, not in Poland! Thanks for your visit!

Just after Maria comes the daughter! I agree, especially when the heating works well!

PeterParis said...

So now it has reached you also, at last! :-)

Obviously it was worse down there! ... and even more of a surprise!

Dusty Lens:
Same rules! :-)

Mona said...

actually they don't, I have heard. Not as cold as humans anyway. That is what their feathers are for. They can puff them up with air & the body heat turns the air warm. So they remain naturally insulated in winters. ( Notice how the bird in the picture has puffed itself up)
But in extreme cold they can die too. So they migrate to warmer regions!:)

India is getting a lot of migratory birds from Europe & north Asia this time, including Siberian Cranes!

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

Love the first image you posted of the snow in Paris...
Would have just loved if you posted the rest of the images individually, without collage effect, that would have been really stunning.
It is so rare to see my Paris with snow...merci mille fois for sharing these images mon ami.

PeterParis said...

You are of course right! Anyhow, I wondered if they suffer a bit! :-)

To hopefully please you, I put the photos in full and as a slideshow on Ipernity (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/peterparis/slideshow/album/103631).

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! Such gorgeous pictures, Peter!

Anonymous said...

I am missing snow !! :(

Such pristine pictures.

CeciliaGallerani said...

How interesting to see Paris as a sort of winter dreamland! People must feel very cheated about not getting into the parks.

Now I hope it all melts for you before it becomes the sort of frozen- or slushy-dirty mess that I used to experience in Chicago.

PeterParis said...

Thanks! (When do you restart your own blog?)

Snow CAN be nice! :-)

By now, it's almost all gone. The plus temperatures are back!