Statues - Tuileries Gardens (2)

In the Tuileries Gardens (see also my post from last Friday) we find also a large number of more modern statues and sculptures.

The Gardens are known for an extensive exposition of Maillol statues. They are all in the part of the Gardens which are close to the Louvre and are installed here since 1964, more or less hidden by hedges. Aristide Maillol (1861-1944) has also his own museum in Paris (59-61 rue Grenelle) and is also represented in a number of prestigious foreign museums.
Some of the contemporary statues seem to be deposited here for shorter periods by Paris’ different museums and then replaced; some seem to be more permanent.

On the below patchworks, you can see works by Henry Moore, Jean Dubuffet, Roy Lichtenstein, Louise Bourgeois, Paul Landowski *, Paul Belmondo, Henri Laurens...
Maybe a special remark about the “fallen tree” above: It’s made by Giuseppe Penone. I thought it may have been ordered as a reference to the number of trees that fell down during the strongest storm Paris has ever suffered – in 1999, but obviously it was ordered before. It was installed here just after the storm in 2000.

I'm not the only one to have been disturbed by the recent installation of a sculpture called “Clara Clara” by Richard Serra at the Place de la Concorde entrance to the Gardens. In my mind it completely destroys the “Historical Axis” perspective. It seems however that it will be (already should have been) removed and placed elsewhere. Also the Ferris wheel is temporarily installed, so it should hopefully soon again be possible to get a view from the Louvre via the Champs-Elysées, the Arch of Triumph ... to the new business skyscraper area, just outside Paris – La Défense.
*/ See also the post about Pont de la Tournelle; Landowski was also the sculptor of the famous “Christ the Redeemer” in Rio.
(GMG immediately commented on the absence of snow. It's still there - to some extent - but these photos were taken just before the snowfall.)

In the above collages there is a bronze statue of which I could not find the name, nor the sculptor.... if it hadn’t been for Virginia, who visited Paris late last year, and also in 2007 with her granddaughter Eva. (See her Paris-through-my-lens site.) She kindly sent me this charming photo with the indication (after long research) that it is made by the Swedish sculptor (working in France), Erik Dietman (1937-2002) and is called “L’ami de personne” (Nobody’s friend). It’s definitely worth a second look!


GMG said...

Hi Peter! Must confess that I've spend much time at the Tuilleries (when the Intercontinental was just in front) and didn't realize there were so many sculptures there; probably some have been introduced recently... The statues of the previous post, on the contrary, are quite well known!!
As for the Serra instalation, it cuts the view, but I like Serra... ;) His works at the Gugggenheim Bilbao are amazing!!

BTW, it seems that Paris got rid of snow; the weather looks gorgeous, even if cold, but not -7º C anymore. Would love to get there, but the closest I may think of is a two-night professional trip to Strasbourg the end of the month... ;-(

Have a great week!

Virginia said...

Merci for including my Eva's photo today. She will be so thrilled to see herself on your blog. My blog is no big deal! HA

I am also glad to see you found the hands that I was interested in. Don't forget where the are so you can show me. Just great posts. I am printing them off so I'll have them. What I want to know is how I missed that many pieces of sculpture when I was there so many times!!!
PS les deux nymphes are showing off on my blog today!

Virginia said...

P.S. You are absolutely right, Clara Clara is awful. It can't come down soon enough. You'll have to photograph the "take down"!HA

PeterParis said...

First about the snow. I took these pictures just before the snow fall.

Serra's work may be good - or "interesting", however demanding a lot of space and particular places. What I think we can all agree about is that here this "Clara Clara" does not fit into the landscape. Or? :-))

Let's go and shake the hands together! I'm happy if litle Eva will be thrilled! Looking forward to see the two nymphs!
... and once more thanks for the name of Erik!

Virginia bis:
See above GMG.

Anonymous said...

I too was about to comment on lack of snow, now I know.

First, I agree with you on the sculpture "Clara Clara” . It really hinders the beautiful sight of Place de la Concorde.

Second, I always think (& compare) when I see these kind of beautiful sculptures abroad whether we would ever be able to display these in India ? And I get my answer... NO.

Indians are strange in behaviour.

Keep posting.

CeciliaGallerani said...

Was the intent of the Serra sculpture - or "installation", perhaps - precisely to attentuate (or at least squeeze) that axial view, do you know?

It strikes me as a hostile gesture, but I'm an old fuddy-duddy.

Wonderful photographs -- thank you so much for giving us all this sculpture! (I'm starved for sculpture here.)

Olivier said...

il faut denoncer le mr de la premiere photo, il est interdit a Paris de donner a manger aux pigeons, apres ils grossissent, il y en a trop et ils vont finir en banlieue sur mon balcon ;o))

Shionge said...

So many lovely statues all over Paris I can see why it is such an artistic place to be.

I have enjoyed this but is it deliberate to have broken hands all over too?

lyliane six said...

J'espère que parmi toutes ces belles dames tu as fait ton choix! Moi j'aime bien l'"ami de personne",pas étonnant qu'il ai été sculpté par un suédois, on dirait un elfe!Les étrangers connaissent mieux Paris que nous les Français, la preuve avec les explications de Virginia et surtout les tiennes.
J'espère que cet affreux mur a été déplacé!

alice said...

This thing is called "Clara Clara"? Ha ha, it could be funny but it's just ugly! Fortunately, many other statues are beautiful, l'Ami de personne is even touching, a sort of bronze ET...

Cergie said...

Toutes ces mesdames-messieurs me donnent bien froid.
Paul Belmondo est enterré au cimetière du Montparnasse... J'ai hâte que tu en parles de ce cimetière là....
Ne me dis pas que tu l'as déjà fait ?

Avec le saucisson brioché de Lyon, le mieux un petit beaujolais, ou un rosé bien frais de Jean Stéphane, mon beau-frère

Azer Mantessa said...

more interesting scuptures. i stared for a while at the second and third groups from above but when i move down below ... the second last group is more appealing ... it is more abstract ... i thot it's awesome.

Adam said...

Very interesting again. I haven't seen this 'Clara, Clara' yet and don't wish to either!

Are those seagulls allowed to walk on the grass?

Anonymous said...

And again I must say: I'm so very much astonished and I never paid attention to the fact that there are so many statues in the Tuileries Gardens. Next time I will have a better look.
And - I agree with you - the modern installation is really terrible. But there is hope - as you have written - that it will be removed.

Anonymous said...

So much for look at, it`s difficult to imagine! I have to come and see in person all those wonderful art pieces!

good week to you, Peter!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am using Linux and it makes some surprises now.
Anonymous is Leena from Finland, greetings :)

Bergson said...

Je préfère la première photo les statues me semblent plus vivante

Anonymous said...

A wonderful collection of statues.

Kate said...

There is quite a difference between the traditional and contemporary statues and sculpture. A treat to see both collections. Thanks again for all the historical information. Have a good week, Peter!

Anonymous said...

Elles sont bien dénudées les parisiennes pour la saison. Pour la plupart elles me laissent de marbre ou de bronze ;) Je les préfère plus tendres !

Karen said...

I remember some of these but missed many of the others. The tall red, white, and blue one was near the food stand but where was the other one that looks like a crazed American Indian?

Is there still snow on the ground?

We are expecting cold weather but no snow.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Peter!
Thanks for your kind comment in our blog.
In fact we spent Holliday’s December in Joinville ( South of Brazil ) with family and friends. But in reality we had some plans to return before this time.

However we are still stuck here waiting for some documentation (Visa) to come back to Luxembourg.

We must confess it isn`t easy to wait and get no stress for...

Anyway we do hope to be able to post new adventures, hints and pictures in our Luxembourg blog as soon as possible.

Your blog and your posts are wonderful as usually! Great posts and great pictures from such adorable Paris!
We would like to wish you a great 2009!
Regards from Brazil ! your friends Léia and Cezar

Rob said...

I do not understand this Clara Clara sculpture, looks like a wall to me. A wall that blocks the superb view of Tulleries. What a splendid view to look down the Champs Elysees to the Louvre last April. Now a big Ferris wheel is in full view.

Now I am wondering how I missed all these statues on our visit.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Monsieur Peter,

Thank you for having me shown on your blog. I love Paris and had fun sitting on this friendly monster. I drank hot chocolate and played in the park too. We are going to Paris again soon and my little brother will get to see it.


claude said...

La première mosaïque est faite de superbes statues, J'aime moins le reste. Je sais, il en faut pour tous les goûts.

Thérèse said...

Si ce n'est pas permanent pourquoi pas? Je préfère cette sculpture aux oeuvres de Jeff Koons au Louvre...

Anonymous said...

Interesting post - we have a Maillol in Zurich (La Riviere - I always call it "woman washing her hair") which has also led a peripatetic existence recently.

Re Serra - maybe the whole idea is a bit like the pleasures of banging your head against a wall. So nice when you stop, and the pain goes away

SusuPetal said...

Monday, greyness and rain, here in Helsinki. Thanks for your photos, once again.

Tanya Breese said...

Amazing sculptures. Yes, I don't understand the Clara, Clara. Just doesn't look right. Beautiful gardens :)

Michelle said...

What a nice collection of sculptures. My favorite picture is of the very first one. The colors are amazing and the birds in action were beautiful. :)

Shammickite said...

I had to look on the internet to find which sculpture was "Clara Clara" and I see it's the 2 curved pieces of steel. Looks like something out of a junkyard. I really don't like this, it doesn't mean anything to me, perhaps I don't appreciate "art" but I know what I like, and that's not it!

krystyna said...

Very interesting information,
and of course great photos!
Perfect job!

Have a wonderful day, Peter!

PeterParis said...

I don't know if Indians are strange, maybe different...? I don't know really about statues, but for sure you have alot of beautiful landmarks!

I hope that the answer to your question is "no". Paris is very proud of this perspective.

Moi, j'aime bien les pigeons, donc je dénonce pas! :-))

PeterParis said...

Yes, the "broken hands" are there by purpose! They are actually called "Welcoming Hands" by Louise Bourgeois. Hope you like?

C'est difficile de mettre "L'Ami" en valeur sur photo. Il faut voir sur place! Pour le "mur"... oui!

J'ai en effet écrit, posé une question, à "point.culture" (ministère de culture) pour avoir des nouvelles sur le déplacement; sans réponse pour le moment.

PeterParis said...

Mais oui, c'est déjà fait!! (http://peter-pho2.blogspot.com/search/label/Montparnasse%20Cemetery)

I'm happy you like! :-)

We seem soon to have more seagulls than pigeons in Paris!

PeterParis said...

Let's keep hoping! .. and I hope also to guide you one day to find all these sculptures!

Anonymous / Leena:
I trust that when you come, it will not be anonymously! :-)

Peut-être un mélange des deux n'est pas mal?

PeterParis said...

I guess that if you go around in London you will also find quite few!

Yes, fortunately we are allowed to like the two (with perhaps one or two exceptions)! :-)

Entre nous, tu n'es pas seul! :-)

PeterParis said...

I believe you refer to the Roy Lichtenstein one (unless it's to the one by Jean Dubuffet). For the American Indian, I don't see exactly which one you refer to. We will have to make a new tour - together - in milder climate!

Cézar and Léia:
Happy to have some news from you! OK, you have a problem, but maybe you can post from Brazil in the meantime? :-) Hope everything goes fine and yes, Happy New Year also to you!

Dusty Lens:
Maybe your eye lenses were dusty? Welcome back for a new look - without the wall!

PeterParis said...

Anonymous / Eva:
Sincere thanks Eva for these kind words! Hope to see you sitting on the statue again in May!

Heureusement qu'on trouve pour (presque) tous les goûts!

I have nothing against Jeff Koons! I know that there were serious protests against the fact that his works were exposed at Versailles this autumn (garden and castle). I haven’t been there recently and not seen it, but once again, it was temporary. I have nothing against Richard Serra either (not a fan), but the question is rather where to expose this Clara Clara.

PeterParis said...

If the Minister of Culture doesn't act quickly and ge it removed, I will go and bang my head! :-)

... and today the same here; a bit misty and plus temeratures!

I guess most of us agree!

PeterParis said...

Yes, the mixture of life and sculptures is nice, probably even nicer when the nice wearther will be back!

I'm sorry if my text was not clear enough, causing you this extra trouble! :-)
There are no firm rules for how to appreciate art!

Thanks! I did my best!

Unknown said...

What a fantastic work you keep on doing! There is so much to see in every post of yours! I just love the way you display your photos on each set.
I understand your point regarding Clara Clara, you almost don't notice the obelisk... I think his work has to be seen at a certain distance, otherwise it's just walls...

PeterParis said...

I agree, like I believe it's possible at e.g. Guggenheim in Bilabo. This is why I'm now curious to know where this sculpture will finally be placed!

Mona said...

sculpture always fascinates me. There is so much hard work that goes into the making of such perfect three dimension figurines!

Awesome post peter!

PeterParis said...

I would not be surprised if you have tried sculpturing yourself! :-)

Claudia said...

So Louise Bourgeois's Maman is not at the Tuileries anymore... dommage!

PeterParis said...

Obviously not. I know she has made several copies. One should be outside the Tate Gallery? , one in Ottawa...?

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