(This is the last pre-programmed post from my trip to southern France. Normally I should be back to normal blogging on Friday.)

Eze is one of the most famous villages on the French Riviera, Cote d’Azur, situated between Monaco and Nice. I hope that despite the lack of sun on my photos, you will appreciate why. This medieval looking village has probably been inhabited since thousands of years.

The wide views over the Mediterranean and the coast is of course one of its major trump-cards (epecially in better weather).
The village is very fashionably restored, has some excellent (expensive) hotels, Michelin star (macaron) rated restaurants, shops and a botanic garden on the very top of the hill.

As a final conclusion of our wonderfully by Jilly guided tours we decided for a nice lunch at one of the restaurants, starting with some champagne in Lalique glasses. The Swedish flag is probably due to the fact that the building was the home of a Swedish prince, the brother of former King Gustav VI Adolf, before it was transformed into a hotel and restaurant in the 50’s.

Fragonard has some cosmetic production on the slope of the hill, including a museum and a shop – of course.


Trotter said...

Hi Peter! Eze definitely deserved some sun; it's a wonderful village with fabulous sea views... Shame we can't see the blue! Next time... ;)

betsy said...

What a contrast to Monaco, which I thought looked hideous- those awful hotels , and the marinas so crowded with boats one could not even see the water. This village looks like the coast Lady Fortescue described in "Sunset House" ,when she, a friend, and their dogs spent a rustic vacation on the coast. I am glad to see it still exists.

joanna said...

Spending time in Eze would be time well spent. the photography is stunning- one can step right through the photo into that world,,
I am not the same having seen your photos, from the other side of the world... breathtaking views
an enduring place.

All photos are beautiful - but one strike me with a particular interest the simple picture of the
champagne glass the wavy lines of the wrought iron railing reflected on the table and the sea.. perfection.

Virginia said...

We all first got a sip and a taste of your wonderful lunch from Jilly. I told her I knew when I saw the exquisite champagne flutes, that you were somewhere close by! :) Maybe I'll be lucky enough to see it myself one day. Such a beautiful place! Your photos are a wonderul addition to Jilly's. How nice that you got to meet once again.

Catherine said...

this place looks eminently visitable - thanks

Olivier said...

Ah la celebre coupe de Champagne de Peter ;o) Je connais pas, mais c'est magnifique, surtout la premiere photo.

SusuPetal said...

I'd like to sip champagne there and look at those marvelous views!

claude said...

Tu as du te sentir à l'aise à Eze avec le drapeau Suédois !
Comme dis Olivier, ah la célèbre coupe de champagne de Peter !!!
Il a l'air très beau ce village. Nous irons sur la riviera en 2012 avec nos ricains. Un nom à retenir.
J'ai vu ton post sur Monaco, mais là le connais. nous y retournerons sûrement avec Julia et Larry.

Catherine said...

Le restaurant avait hissé tes couleurs, comme une tacite invitation ......Les flutes christallines tintaient, le frais champagne pétillait, les regards embrassaient la magie de l'horizon........les APN mémorisaient l'instant.
Tes photos me parlent, tu vois....J'y suis presque.

alice said...

On va dire que le grand air vous a ouvert l'appétit et qu'il était impossible de résister au menu du restau du coin!

Une Touriste said...

Si vous allez à Monaco, descendez à Eze....

Parisbreakfasts said...

Ah...the Swedes have invaded everywhere!
I'm confused were you near Grasse-the purfume town?

hpy said...

Je te souhaite un bon retour, et de la côte, et de Suède. Vendredi ce sera donc un post de Paris, ville lumière. (J'attends toujours mon coup de fil de Chronopost et je commence à trouver l'attente longue; heureusement j'ai beaucoup de travail et pas trop le temps d'y penser.)

Jilly said...

More wonderful memories of our lovely day, dear Peter. Thankyou for that wonderful lunch, not to mention the champers! Come back soon - now the sun is shining and the Riviera is back to its normal self!

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

I am SO, so, so behind on your posts!! I have finally made it here, though, only to find you are not. :) I am very impressed with the post pre-programming, though, and hope your journeying is going well. Safe travels to you.

I have scrolled through the photos of the past few posts of the south of France. I have to say after having been to Antibes three times (well, and for one *very* short weekend in September for a total of four visits), I really find the south has a lot of charms and I could easily relocate there! Such a lovely, lovely area. I really have not even traveled around very much in that area, mostly choosing to spend time at my friend's home doing girlfriend things, but your posts and photos inspire me to one day do just a little *more* there.

Thank you so much for sharing about this beautiful area. :)

(an alien parisienne)

*Chic Provence* said...

Great post on one of my favorite spots on the planet! it's exhilirating to climb the way up to Eze!

Thanks, your blog is wonderful and I am now a follower!



Cezar and Léia said...

C'est magnifique!
J'aime beaucoup!
Léia :)

BLOGitse said...

Must be a safe place - I noticed the cameras in the first picture...
That champagne glass is beautiful!



Jilly said...

Carol G, The main Fragonard factory is in Grasse and it is there they manufacture the perfumes. They have another factory in Eze (at the foot of the village) where they manufacture face creams, soaps, hand creams, etc. That's where we went although we didn't go on the guided tour as photography isn't allowed. This lovely display of old perfume bottles is just inside the entrance. And of course there is a shop, as Peter says, where you can buy anything and everything that smells good!

Cergie said...

Pas de soleil mais bien que tu parles de Fragonard c'est une odeur de mimosa qui me vient aux narines. Merci !
(Quoique je sois un peu jalouse : j'adore cet arbre un peu mollasson cependant)
Eze est un village TRES touristique, n'est ce pas ?

Trotter said...

Hi Peter! Where have you been?
Blogtrotter 2 has moved to the Cayman Islands and you already lost Jamaica... ;))
Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Peter, Eze looks beautiful even without the sun. I might prefer it that way since I tend to freckle (an asian who freckles, if you can believe it!!) in the sun. One day, one day...

ruma said...

Merci de montrer un paysage merveilleux.

De l'Extrême-Orient.

Ruth said...

There can't be anywhere more elegant. Imagine having lunch there! With champagne in Lalique. Oh My. Just gorgeous, Peter.

PeterParis said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments! Yes, Eze and the luncheon in nice company was a fabulous moment!