Worth waiting...

Certain artists, expositions, attract more public than others. The “Frida Kahlo / Diego Riviera”-one that opened October 9 at the “Orangerie” in the Tuileries Gardens is definitely one of those. I had bought a “coupe-file” (fast pass) ticket in advance … and had to wait “only” about one hour.

I guess there is no need to write anything about Frida and Diego here; their story and their art are sufficiently known, maybe partly thanks to the movie, “Frida” from 2002 with Salma Hayek.

I can only say that it’s worth waiting to get in. There is a very large collection of paintings, including some of the most famous ones.

Of course, it was not allowed to take photos inside. On the net I found some of the paintings that were exposed, more easily for Frida…

… then for Diego. There were a number of Diego’s paintings to be seen, but I didn’t manage to find many on the net. There were also a few real-size reproductions of his mural works.

Once you are inside the “Orangerie”, you have of course also the opportunity to see a large collection of paintings by Rousseau, Renoir, Cézanne, Utrillo, Soutine, Picasso… and a large exposure of water lilies by Monet.

Lacking photos from the inside, here are a few taken from the outside (including some Rodin sculptures). ..

… and a few from the Tuilieries Gardens in a beginning of autumn colours. 

Leaving the Tuileries, I saw a possibility (but was not tempted) to rent a Ferrari or a Lamborghini – 89€ for a 20 minutes’ drive.


Virginia said...

Our Eva LOVES Frida and has for many years. She would love for me to see this but if photos aren't allowed, maybe that won't work. Don't forget to save Masculin for our visit!

arabesque said...

hi peter!
been absent for awhile,
as usual, le travaille and all. ^0^
i am constantly reviewing your posts and so glad you shared your palermo and senegal trip,
i have yet to re-read them all! ^0^
now i wonder where your next adventure will be....

I would LOVE (emphasis on the all caps) to see the works of Frida Kahlo, i suddenly remembered
the film by salma hayek, well portrayed and riveting.
although, the prohibited photos might deter me a bit,
but this is once in a lifetime,
so I'd definitely go see it.

yes, i do miss Paris now and then,
hopefully, we'll re-visit it soon! ^0^

Jilly said...

Adore Frida Kahlo's worrk. Years ago I bought a print on the street in Manhattan and love it. Super reportage as always and lovely photos. Would love to see this expo.

French Girl in Seattle said...

Thank you for taking us along, Peter. I see some things never change in Paris... such as the long lines outside of new exhibits (and just about everything else in between...) I will be missing this one, but I am glad you could see it! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Thérèse said...

Une femme fascinante de par sa vie, son oeuvre et ses rencontres, vue l'époque à laquelle elle a vécu et son engagement pour l'émancipation de la femme. Le tableau que je préfère d'elle et un beau résumé de sa vie: "les deux Frida." Encore une exposition que j'aurais aimé voir.

This is Belgium said...

glad to have seen your post
une femme avertie en vaut deux:)

Alain said...

Des artistes vraiment atypiques. Comme disait Jacques Brel :

"Et puis il y a Frida
Qui est belle comme un soleil"

JudyMac said...

Hi, Peter! I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Kahlo/Rivera exhibit not too long ago at our High Museum (I'm assuming it's the same exhibit that is being presented at the Orangerie?). A lot of her paintings are a bit too bizarre for my taste, but several of her smaller pieces (and Rivera's as well) were actually quite delightful, subject matters which I liked, and probably were paintings which very few people have seen before. All in all, a very nice exhibit.

Carol said...

oh how wonderful that you were able to see this! I'm so envious- and thanks so much for sharing.

Synne said...

Cool! Her art is so vibrant - no wonder people are standing in line! I love the Parisian art scene.

Starman said...

Frida Kahlo's work is too strange for me.

claude said...

Il faut savoir attendre pour une expo. Rien à avoir avec celle-ci mais un jour on a attendu des plombes au Petit Palais pour voir une expo sur les dinosaures, un de mes fils étaient fan.
ON avait profité de cette visite pour aller aussi le musée de l'Homme.J'aime bien les jardins des Tuileries, même sous la pluie.
Je préfère mettre 89 E dans un aller/retour Paris en Train.
Une seule poupée Barbie que j'ai acheté pour la habiller, c'était surtout pour occuper mes dix doigts devant la télé.

Jeanie said...

Yes, I can see why that would be worth waiting for. I love her work -- I don't always get it, but I love her use of color. Thanks, Peter!

Studio at the Farm said...

Call me a philistine, but I prefer the views outside. And the Ferrari and Lamborghini are definitely gorgeous!

Cezar and Léia said...

Glad that you enjoy this wonderful exhibition!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Another fabulous place to go in Paris , love the colours of the Art work , well worth the 1 hour wait (well for you anyway) thanks for sharing.