70 years ago...

August 25, 1944, at the City Hall, Charles de Gaulle could declare that Paris had been liberated. 

70 years later, August 25, 2014, a celebration took place – under rain.

If you were not among the officially invited, even arriving well in advance, you had to remain quite far away. First listening to military music, while it was getting darker, getting wetter and wetter, we could then listen to speeches by the City Mayor and by the President of the Republic.

Then followed a spectacular son-et-lumière show.

I somehow managed to get through the barriers and could watch how the place in front of the City Hall was made ready for the “bal populaire”.

The crowd was unfortunately not as important as expected… the rain tempered the wish to dance.  I left, quite wet, walking along the now empty space where we had been standing watching the show. Well, after all it was a great show – just bad luck with the weather – and the liberation of Paris was definitely worth to be celebrated!  



Thérèse said...

Au moins la il s'y connait Hollande dans les commemorations!
Ta premiere photo est un tres bel hommage.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos as usual, Peter!
Is it cold already in Paris?

What a pity it rained...

Jeanie said...

I would have been there, dancing -- rain or not! This is just a few blocks from where my friend Jerry lives, so it's my old Paris stomping ground! Sounds like a wonderful celebration, despite the rain. Beautiful photos indeed!

claude said...

Thérèse a raison, que de commémorations pour Normal 1er. C'est à peu près tout ce qu'il sait faire de bien.
Une très belle commémoration. On devait bien cela à la ville, aux survivants et à ceux qui sont mort pour que Paris et les Parisiens vivent libres.

claude said...
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Catherine said...

great night shots of these celebrations....Greetings from Nice