A short trip to London

Some photos from a short visit to London, more for reasons of friendship than for tourism, however I could of course not resist from taking a few photos from some walks.

A little bit of gepgraphy before starting the small different tours.

Here at first some from the Primrose Hill, just north of Regent’s park. It offers a fantastic view over central London (and if you turn around of Belsize Park, Hampstead…).

A walk through Regent’s Park (the green dotted line).

Another walk along part of the 19th century Regent’s Canal, maybe a third (yellow dotted line) of its total length. Once of great industrial importance, today the canal offers especially wonderful walks, but also old or newly built places to live in…  unless you have opted to live in one of the many barges still around. 

Adjacent to the Camden Lock you find an amazing market, formerly occupied by warehouses and small industries, today extremely popular. Full of shops, stands… offering crafts, food, bric-a-brac…

I had of course to make a walk along the Thames, on the South Bank (the other dotted yellow line). Here are some shots. Please notice that the Big Ben clock face was cleaned (last time was four years ago). The present Globe Theatre from 1997 stands close to where the original (from 1599) stood.

The highlight of my three-day visit was however the concert at the Royal Albert Hall – Daniel Barenboim directing the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. To attend a concert with Barenboim, co-founder of this orchestra, consisting of musicians from Middle East countries, including Israel and Palestine, especially in today’s severe conflict situation, is already an event. To be allowed do so in this legendary concert hall, overbooked with an audience of some five or six thousands, with some five or six “encores”, was of course something you will never forget! This concert was part of the famous annual “BBC Proms”. Here are two "Proms" videos, one with Barenboim and the Divan Orchestra and one of the “Last Night of the Proms” – second September Saturday.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Peter ..looks.like you had a super few days in London. You went to some.of my favourite place too. LOVE Camden . Thanks for sharing your photos.

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Peter,
I am so glad you are an avid walker, always with your camera. Your photos are wonderful - thank you!

Gunn said...

Tusen takk for at du delte både foto og musikk med meg. Nå strømmer musikken ut her på kjøkkent mitt.

Ha en fin ny uke!

Cezar and Léia said...

Glad that you enjoy London! I'm envious about the concert at the Royal Albert Hall,what a great moment in London! Again, you got amazing images, thanks for sharing! we miss you :) please come to visit us again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi peter! Great one on london! Thanks for the reminder of places to go as i'll be there in 2 weeks. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Loved the idea of your visiting beautiful Albion!

Loved your photos, too.

Thank you, M.Peter


Thérèse said...

Quelle assemblee pour ce fabuleux conert!
Un magnifique point de repere dans le temps que ce voyage a Londres.

claude said...

Merci pour cette balade Londonienne.

Synne said...

That concert must have been quite an experience!
I love London!

Jeanie said...

I want so much to return to London -- our time there was very short and my last visit before that was 40 years ago! Never been to Royal Albert Hall but that is on the top of the "next time" list. Soudns like a wonderful time!

Shammickite said...

The TSO (Toronto Symphony Orchestra) had a Last Night of the Proms concert here in Toronto for many years, but unfortunately, 2 years ago was the last Proms concert. It was a great opportunity to hear some terrific music and wave the flag! You are so blessed to see a real Proms concert at Royal Albert Hall. I've never been inside but I have sat on the steps!!!!