"In Situ" art festival

Fort Aubervilliers is a former fortress, built 1842-46, for the defense of Paris. The site is now subject for renewal, although the plans seem no yet quite clear. One problem is that radio-activity research took place here during the 1920’s and although decontamination has been undertaken there seems to be some worries. The latest decades part of the area has been used for industrial activities including car demolition. The place is now emptied and before preparing for new projects, the area was this year opened for street art.

Some 50 international street artists were invited to participate: Guy Denning, Dan23, Lavalet, Ripo, Borondo (top picture), 13Bis, Jef Aerosol, FKDL, David Walker, Faucheur, Mosko, Jana&JS, Kenor…  .

When you take the little road to the former industrial area you are guided by CyKlop’s works.

Buildings and walls are all covered. 

The car demolishers who used to work here, obviously left a few cars for the artists.

Maybe a special mention for this 1200 m2 painting by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada. It must be seen from the sky. (I just copied a photo of a photo.)

There is even a chance to get restored.

The last chance to see this is now, in September (during weekends).

Here is where it’s located, just north-east of the Paris city border. This is also where the Bartabas – Zingaro horse shows take place.  You can see one example of what has been planned for the area. Will it be this one? 


Thérèse said...

J'aime bien la quatrieme serie que tu nous presentes.
Chaque "artiste" peut ainsi prendre son temps et montrer le meilleur de lui-meme.
Une bonne initiative en attendant de savoir ce qui adviendra de ce lieu par la suite.

pengobatan ambeien alami said...

nice page and post :)

Virginia said...

WEll I"m not happy to hear it will come down in Sept. I was hoping I'd get to see it in.............November! :)Be scouting out the photo exhibits!

Studio at the Farm said...

Some of the art is fantastic, but I don' think I would linger too long there ...

Anonymous said...

Counting from the bottom of the page, fourth row of photos: that painting of the man walking on a bridge? quai? Breathtaking!!!
Impressionism? Pointillism?

Spectacular post, Peter!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Some horrors, some terrific works. Street art is as diverse as life itself. Thanks for the visit and sorry to hear that Virginia won't be able to see it :(

Synne said...

I love this kind of collective art display! Some of those pieces are marvellous. Very inspiring - and as I can't go, I'm happy I got to experience this festival through your camera!

Cergie said...

Bon à présent il faudrait un nouveau message sur le fort en lui-même, tu pourrais profiter des journées du patrimoine pour le visiter. Nous avons été visiter le fort de Cormeilles en Vexin il y a quelques années. Il y avaient aussi de vieux véhicules, reliquat de l'armée américaine et des fresques laissées par des harkis...

Jeanie said...

This is amazing, Peter. How fortunate you are to see it in person. I wish our starving artist Greg could be in France to experience and participate in things like this. Unfortunately, he can barely afford to live in Michigan, much less France. Perhaps someday!