Snow... more or less.

There was a little bit of snow in the air last Friday. I took a walk in “my” park, Square des Batignolles.

I was alone… except for the birds of course.

The snow never appeared on the ground or the flowers - only as raindrops.

I could notice all the same that spring is under preparation. 


Anonymous said...

¡Que bellas fotos!
Esa familia de patos me fascina.
Thank you, M.Peter

Ola said...

it looks like spring came into the city!

Cergie said...

Les bancs sont encore bien vides... Je ne vais plus aller dans ce charmant square, sauf si je rencontre un ami qui habite ce quartier, car mon petit O a changé pour le parc des Buttes Chaumont (dont on a beaucoup parlé récemment).

Jeanie said...

Peter, if you are longing for snow, I'd be happy to send you a foot or so of ours that came last night! I'm just longing for spring so seeing your photos is just what I needed to see this morning!

Shammickite said...

Lovely.... raindrops instead of snow.

Studio at the Farm said...

What beautiful and tranquil scenes! You are fortunate to have that area of clam and quiet Nature in the middle of a huge city. Beautiful photos, Peter! Thank you

claude said...

Ici ce serait plus more que less.
Il neige depuis une bonne heure.
ça sent le printemps avec les crocus et les pousses de jonquilles et narcisses. Février va passer vite et vivement mars !

Synne said...

What a lovely, peaceful post! Winter in Paris is so much greener than here. I am always disappointed when snow just urns to water, though. Beautiful photos!