I went to visit some places in the south-west of France, starting with Sète (where I have been before – see post here). I must not forget that this is meant to be a blog about Paris, so I will try to make this short… - just show you some pictures, impressions...

As you can see from the top picture, I was met by a windy Mediterranean, but the weather soon changed for the better.

In the port, among the armada of yachts, there were also a number of sailing boats, ready to leave for a race, “The Generali Solo”.

If you want some proof of the much better weather the following days….

Sète is also a commercial and… fishing port, much to the pleasure of the seagulls.

A general view of the centre and one of the canals – Sète is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of Languedoc” (the name of the region). From the top of the “Mont St. Clair” you have a nice panorama of the city….

… and also of the long flat coastline, with beaches, salt production, vineyards… all the way down to the Pyrenees – which you may see vaguely on one of these photos…

… as well as of the “L’Etang de Thau”, the largest of the lagoons you can find along this flat coastland, known for all kinds of seafood, but especially for oysters.

I can’t resist against showing some local street art.  Easy to recognize the artist of the one to the left: “Seth” (see previous posts here and here). (By the way Seth and Sète is pronounced in the same way in French.)  The other one is by “C215”.

To finish… some proof of the blue sky and some seafood lunch.

… and as usual, some maps, also indicating some other spots I visited during my too short stay down here. I will try to make it brief in some coming post(s).


martinealison said...

Bonjour cher Peter,

Un petit séjour qui semble avoir été bien agréable... Les premières photos sont impressionnantes et magnifiques... On se croirait sur l'atlantique ! Il est vrai que la météo change très très vite dans le sud.

Merci pour ce joli reportage qui m'a permis de savourer de bons moments.

Gros bisous ❀

claude said...

ça commençait pas terrible au point de vu temps.
J'aime bien ce coin là, je suis déjà allée à Sète.
Le plateau de fruits de mer fait envie.
Chouette reportage, Peter !

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Bonjour Peter. I really don't mind if it is not about Paris. You Go to so many fabulous places and your photos are brilliant. All very interesting. So thank you for sharing. Another place in France for us to know about and through your eyes Take care Anne.

Jeanie said...

I find Peter's Paris and Roadtrip Diversions equally as interesting and fun to read as merely Peter's Paris. Of course we all love Paris, but I think most of your readers also have curious minds about other parts of the world as well and it is delightful to be able to share them with an informed traveler who has a wonderful eye for photography! Thanks for introducing us to Sete!

Studio at the Farm said...

Peter, I do so enjoy your sojourns outside of Paris. Sete is beautiful, and really does remind one of Venice - lovely.

Unknown said...

Happy to know you had such a great time in that area. And those superb photos show us the beauty of it!
Thank you, Peter.

AsAeenBySusan said...

I don't mind the side trip from Paris at all. In fact, thanks for showing a part of France that looks very tempting to see. Now that I've been to the Cote d'Azur and Provence, I'm ready to spread my wings and see more.

Anonymous said...

Great vistas of that impressive seafood platter!
Must have been right there at the beach...I can see a wind flag...
Beautiful photos of a beautiful place!
Thank you, Peter.

Julie said...

I spent a week in Carcassone in 2010, and had day trips to Montpellier from Orange in 2008. It is indeed a lovely, but changeable, area. Do keep up the postings about your side-trips. They round you out as more than just a Paris-geek.

Shammickite said...

Beautiful countryside, and I especially like your first photograph. I love rough seas. So exciting. And the seafood platter is very impressive, I hope you shared.