"Seth" performing

I already posted (see here) about “Seth” – his real name is Julien Malland - and about some of the illustrations he has made on the walls in Paris. I happened to be present when he made a new installation, this time at the “belvedere” on the top of the “Parc de Belleville”. (I will revert with another post about this park, opened as late as 1988 on a slope which previously was occupied by vineyards, a gypsum quarry…)

This is a place where you have one of the best views of Paris.

Some initiatives have already been taken to decorate this “belvedere”, which originally was just “naked”.

“Seth” had got the job to further decorate this “belvedere”. He was just back from Italy and on his way to Canada. Many walls to cover all over the world.

He was helped.

Here we can see the result. These are some of his typical personages, heads often looking into some better world… ? You are free to give your own interpretation, according to "Seth".

“Seth” had already about a year ago painted the walls on top of the kind of amphitheatre which you can find just below the “belvedere”.

(Apart from a nice view, the place offers also some places where you can get restored.)

In my previous post about “Seth” I showed a little bit of what he has produced worldwide. Here are some more examples of other works - in other countries -, large walls in different styles and also the cover of one of the cartoon books he has illustrated. His paintings are today sold by galleries at quite high prices. You can see his website here and his Facebook site here.  


Jeanie said...

Absolutely stunning, Peter. What talent -- and how lucky you were to be there! You're right about that view -- must find that one next time!

martinealison said...

Bonjour cher Peter,

Je suis émerveillée par le travail de cet artiste. Ses lignes, le mouvement, ses couleurs me fascinent. Une grande sensibilité se dégage dans son travail.
On s'approprie facilement chacune de ses oeuvres.
Ton reportage est très intéressant... J'aurais bien aimé t'accompagner pour admirer le talent de Seth, mais je me réjouis tout de même de pouvoir contempler l'ensemble de tes très jolies photos.

Gros bisous ♡

Christine said...

Wow! fantastic artwork!
Must go visit in November; we will be staying in La Defense area but visiting friends over by Marche d'Ilgre so it would be great for us all to go visit. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

¡Absolutamente alucinante!

Kudos to the great artist!

And thanks to you, Peter, for letting us know about him.


Synne said...

My goodness, what a result! I've got to go back to this spot, which you introduced me to in the first place, the next time I'm in town. Seth has such a colourful and dreamy style!

Alain said...

Un endroit qui m'était familier.

Thérèse said...

J'aime beaucoup ce billet avec cet artiste dont je n'avais pas encore entendu parler. Je ne connaissais que le Seth New Age.
Il y a http://www.parisianshoegals.com/2013/06/street-art-julien-seth-malland-le-globe.html un bon article en francais qui en dit un peu plus sur lui.
Merci pour cette decouverte.

Thérèse said...

Oops le raccourci n'a pas marche... desolee.