Christmas show windows 2015

For a couple of years now I have posted (see here) about the Christmas show windows of the department stores Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps. Time again – yes, still a few weeks to go to Christmas, but… So, this is what the windows look like this year.

Starting with Au Printemps. Different themes, inspired by brands like Lancôme, Longines… The top picture is supposed to represent “La Fée (fairy) Printemps”.

The windows of the men's department are less fairy-like.

The windows of Galereis Lafayette are this year almost entirely dedicated to “Star Wars”. (Episode 7 will open December 16.) Of course I have to show what the tree under the cupola looks like this year. 


Irja Viirret said...

Ihastuttavat kuvat:)

Virginia said...

I will get a tour at GL on 13th. 😊😊 I like the tree this year

Jeanie said...

I love Lafayette's tree but the windows themselves seem less holiday to me than great Star Wars promo! I love the magic of Printemps -- it seems to say it all about the holiday season.

Peter, I wait for this post every year -- and it never disappoints! (Especially when I click on the pix to enlarge!) Thanks!

Thérèse said...

Tic Tac, tic tac... les jours défilent...
Cette année les magasins de Nordstrom aux U.S. ne montreront leurs décorations de Noël que le lendemain de Thanksgiving soit le 29 novembre! J'en aime beaucoup l'idée.
Ce qui n'empêche pas de se régaler avec toutes les fabuleuses décorations que tu montres.

Anonymous said...

Este artículo me hace sentir como una niña en una tienda de golosinas: ¡Me gusta todo lo que veo! La seccion de ropa para caballeros es fantastica, me imagino que los precios tambien lo son.
Su fotografia sabe transportar nuestra imaginacion directo a Paris.
Mil gracias.
Maria O. Russell

Christine said...

Can't wait to see them IRL!!
They were so wonderful last year, thanks to your posting my DH didn't mind walking round to see them!!!!

Thank you so much for keeping us informed about what's going on. Any chance you can check out what's happening with the Christmas Market over at La Defense?