Google problems

Right now, I hate Google ! (I know it’s thanks to Google and Blogspot that I have been able to create my blog, so everything is not negative).

I had hosted my blog, Peter’s Paris, with Google / GoDaddy under the name www.peter-pho2.com.  - and now you will, at  least for the moment, find "404 Error'. For this hosting I have to pay something like 12$ per year. I wanted to do this, but can’t reach the dashboard where my credit card references should be updated. I have spent two full days trying to get assistance from Google and GoDaddy. Nothing obtained, impossible to reach some Google representative who can help, no help from the forums…

I’m now trying to transfer my blog to another host. This will take some time (and I hope that Google will not have another bad surprise to offer).

In the meantime, you can find my blog, not hosted, under http://peter-pho2.blogspot.fr/ ou http://peter-pho2.blogspot.com/

I’m afraid that the about one thousand views I have per day will drop significantly. L


Caroline said...

I know your frustration, the same thing happened to me. I'm now afraid that I'll lose my domain name simply because I can't access my dashboard with the information. Google needs to get better with their assistance.

sillygirl said...

Both the .com and the blogspot.fr got me to your site - I'm usually not that lucky!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry this happened, Peter. I can imagine how you feel.
Thank you always for your wonderful blog.

Cergie said...

Bah quel est le problème Peter ? Je suis sur ta page avec l'adresse


Sans doute un petit ennui passager ? Qu'il ne freine pas ton enthousiasme et ta bonne humeur !
Bises de bonne année 2016 ! Et longue vie encore à ce blog !

Studio at the Farm said...

Sorry to read you are having problems, Peter. I hope you can straighten them out. I am not a fan of google either :)