Temporary occupation – “Grands Voisins”

A large space which was occupied by the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital until 2014 is – temporarily – occupied, with official authorizations and encouragements, by a number of social activities. Some of the buildings offer accommodations for needy people, for immigrants… but there is especially a wish to offer a mixed cohabitation with a number of other activities – coexistence between occupants and visitors – most of them with emphasis on culture, ecology….  Here it’s possible to sleep (there are even some camping tents), to work, to shop, to eat and drink, to enjoy yourself… - somehow a follow-up of the message by the man who gave his name to the abandoned hospital – Saint Vincent de Paul, the “Great Apostle of Charity” (see previous posts about him here and here).

In a year or two, this area will be transformed into an “eco-quartier” offering more permanent housing, but a touch of the present temporary activities are supposed to be integrated, the spirit to survive. 


French Girl in Seattle said...

Very cool. The question is: How do you even find out about these places? Are you on some sort of mailing list from the city of Paris? ;-) Great post. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Anonymous said...

That yellow color, unobtrusively, ties together the entire landscape!
Never before have I seen a more elegant henhouse...or poultry.
Everything delicious and cute here: photos, post and purpose for this social venture.
Thank you so much, M. Peter for taking the time to delight us with this tour.

I just hope this historic, massive and extensive structure is not razed to the ground.