Ecole Militaire

For a first time I got inside the “Ecole Militaire”. Unfortunately (or in a certain way, fortunately), the main building was covered by tarpaulins due to renovation work. 

This military school was created in the mid-18th century during the reign of Louis XV – a need to improve the French military knowledge level was clearly felt.
The architect was Ange-Jacques Gabriel  - who was also the architect of the Petit Trianon and the Opera at Versailles (see previous posts), the buildings on Place de la Concorde (see previous posts)…. – and the opening took place in 1760. Here we can see - thanks to Google Earth and some photos I previously took from the Eiffel Tower (see previous posts) and from the nearby Unesco building (see previous post) - that the school finally covers a smaller area than what was originally planned, but with later (19th century) constructed annexes it’s still a large complex.  

Sorry for some not very exceptional pictures from the outside, dull weather, tarpaulins…

Most of the buildings have been modernised inside, rather little of original decoration to be found…

… e.g. the library.

Originally a separate church building was planned, finally a chapel was incorporated in one of the aisles of the main building.

There are some horses around, but just for the pleasure of the occupants. 


Virginia said...

Beautiful photographs Peter! I"m amazed you've never been in before!

Anonymous said...

Did you see any statue of that school's most famous student?

The chapel is beautiful! That must be Saint Louis in the large painting?
Thank you, Peter.

martinealison said...

Bonjour cher Peter,

Des clichés très intéressants...
Un très joli reportage.

Gros bisous ��