The end of one season… the preparation of the next.

Maybe this photo is a bit symbolic? The end of one season... with the next season already preparing... Here are two more photos in the same spirit.

I made a tour in my (new) neighbourhood... - it had been a bit windy - raking, collecting… millions of laves.

Actually, they would all be worthy of a closer look!

Here are some samples of what I saw.

Some of the typically French square trees started to show that some new trimming would soon be needed.

I noted that that the park regulation, article no. 8: "Keep dogs on leash." was not always followed. 

During the walk I could see the bulbs of the new orthodox cathedral in all angles. (I wrote about it here.)

Two last pictures where Photoshop did something I didn’t expect. 


Studio at the Farm said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day, Peter!


Thérèse said...

Il manque les noms (feuilles, arbres...) non je blague mais il est vrai que c'est la saison où on fait le plus attention à toutes ces formes croisées sur les chemins non seulement à la campagne mais aussi en ville.

Anonymous said...

I like the title of this post: The end of one season… the preparation of the next. And your photos are lovely !

Anonymous said...

There aren't enough superlatives for this lyrical post!
Your photography, the collage of Parisian leaves, the gilded onion domes! And how about those cute dogs socializing? Just amazing!

¡Mil gracias!

P.S. Does the new Holy Trinity Cathedral have its own Metropolitan?