Yes... and no.

YES, the Chinese New Year is there, but NO, the great traditional parade in the 13th arrondissement will take place only next Sunday, February 25. Some preparations, rehearsals... took place this weekend. 

YES, the water level in the Seine is slowly going down, but NO, the traffic on the river has not yet been reestablished.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Nice pictures. And, thanks for the update on the floods.

lyliane six said...

Je vais essayer d'aller voir le grand défilé le 25. Ici les champs sont encore gorges d'eau.

Jeanie said...

Rehearsals are fun, too -- and it looks festive. Boy, that water is a bit on the scary side!

Anonymous said...

Good fortune and prosperity for all those who partake in this most important celebration!
Great photos, Peter!
Thank you,

claude said...

C'est bientôt ça le 25 !
César était pote avec mon ex beau frère.
Suis un peu dans le noir en ce moment, pas trop présente sur la toile.