La Fontaine de Mars

The mascaron on the top picture is to be found on a fountain, named “Fountain of Mars” and which dates from the very beginning of the 19th century. You can find the fountain on Rue Saint Dominique, close to an old restaurant with the same name – “La Fontaine de Mars” (where the Obama couple and some friends had a private dinner in 2009). The buildings which now surround the fountain were built later during the 19th century and around the square you can find two other also quite nice restaurants with terraces. 

The mascarons did not spray any water … it was a cold and snowy day and there were no horses around like on the engraving you can see below - from when the fountain was new.
On the front of the fountain you can see Mars, god of war and Hygieia, goddess of health.

You can see a sign indicating the level that the Seine flood of 1910 reached. Considering that we are almost 600 m (650 yards) from the river, we must admit that the present flood is “nothing” in comparison - see also the map below on the left illustrating the parts of Paris which were touched by the 1910 flood. 


Rakesh Vanamali said...

At the risk of sounding repetitious and patronizing, I say still - that it would be very heartening to see you write a book about Paris!

Wonderful post, as always!

Ola said...

absolutely beatifu;!

Jeanie said...

Well, Peter, I'm glad to hear it's "nothing in comparison" but I hope the waters recede soon! Your photos, as always are lovely.

Anonymous said...

What is Hygieia doing with Mars? Where is Venus? No wonder Eros is missing
among that fountain's sculptures........

Beautiful photos and beautiful story, Peter. I love that area and that restaurant!
Thank you so much,



Wall Painting From Pompeii: Venus, Mars & Eros

I love Hygieia's hairstyle! And of course why her presence there...

lyliane six said...

Très belle fontaine, mais tu aurais du publier ce post le mois prochain !