Yes, green at last...

Yes, there are now trees and a lot of green to be found again, once you have reached the ground level after having arrived at “Les Halles” via one of the underground metro (1, 4, 7, 11) or RER (A, B, D) lines.

I could perhaps quote what I already wrote in a previous post about « Les Halles »… « The first market on this spot was established during the 12th century… », but you can perhaps rather have a look here - or here and here.  

Well, still regretting why not at least one or two of the Baltard pavilions have been left... After years of work, the empty space in front of the two year old "canopy" has now got its reshaped gardens – for how long this time? The gardens have in the meantime also been baptised after Nelson Mandela. On a sunny spring day, they are really nice. A lot of space giving pleasure to the kids – and their parents. You can watch the neighbouring Saint Eustache church (see my post here) and, under a “tent”, the old Chamber of Commerce (see my post here) which is being transformed into another museum of art – the Pinault Collection (see here), to open in 2019.

Under the gardens, the several-levels-shopping centre has also in the meantime been partly reshaped, “cleaned”…. Will “Les Halles” after the demolition of the Baltard pavilions, almost 50 years ago, at last be a “success story”?  


Mystica said...

Peter, how many visits do you think it will take to even get a small glimpse of the real Paris!

Maria Russell said...

Thank you, Peter for showing us this place. Many of us have have not seen it...yet...
Nothing, imho will replace those Baltard masterpieces.
Love your photos!